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Mars One

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One way ticket mission to mars. Crazy or what?

Cool or insane?

Would be amazing if it weren't one way. There and back again, like the moon landing.


  • I have reviewed the documents and my unscientific opinion is "fucking insane."
  • I don't know if this is the plan to go with, but I can accept the idea of essentially colonizing another planet involving going out with no return planned. Doesn't mean there cannot be one: but just that it doesn't have to be a requisite to go in the first place.
  • Would it mean a project like this could never be de-funded?
  • I'll wait for one way to Titan.
  • I suppose that all the dessicated corpses of these nutters will make for some interesting aerial photography when whatever Elon Musk builds for a mars trip flies on overhead.
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    It would be amusing if they found out Mars had life due to the decomposition of these people on its surface.
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  • How I understand it is, all planets past Earth is too far from the sun to support photosynthesis.

    If life were to spread due to human decomposition, bacteria would still need enough consumable matter to sustain itself, and then billions of years to evolve into a higher form of life. Don't see that happening.

    Other major obstacles like not enough gravity, oxygen, water makes sustaining life impossible.

    They would need a needs of supplying their own water, food, electricity and oxygen to make it worth while. At least then they can live for more than a day.

    Terra-forming might require nuclear devices to initiate climate shifts leaving planets uninhabitable for decades/ centuries/ millennia.

    Just having human feet touch another planet just for the sake of it, is such a waste of life. When you die, have your foot amputated and rocketed to Mars instead.
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    My first thought was, consider the type of person who is willing to take a one-way trip to Mars and then consider all of the awful things that could happen if you put four such people in a very tiny living space by themselves for two years before more arrive. I don't like the odds on that investment.
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  • Big Brother "reality TV"
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