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Welcome to Night Vale

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Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast that is presented as a community radio show for the town of Night Vale, a city in the American Southwest where all conspiracy theories are real, and features local news, advertisements, and announcements for the fictional city.

This show is easily one of the better podcasts being released right now. For anyone who enjoys listening to Pseudopod, I highly recommend checking out Night Vale (and vice versa). It works as both a work of supernatural fiction, and as a comedy for me. I enjoy this show immensely, especially the weather segments.

Also, Adam Warrock made a song about Night Vale.



  • I'm still amazed and pleased that Night Vale has become as big as it is. I can't remember a time when a non-tech-related podcast had this much popularity, and certainly not one with as much fan work. It isn't the greatest show in the world to me (it can be kind of repetitive and not every bit of its randomness works), but it is definitely quality, and a bunch of the fan culture pleases me greatly.
  • My girlfriend listens to that all the time.
  • I've been listening to it, made it about halfway through so far. I think it's great.
  • Tumblr made this fandom come out of nowhere! It just appeared without warning. I love it and it's easy to catch up quickly. I've even done fanart and plan to cosplay The Glow Cloud.
  • Yeah I heard about it on Tumblr a couple of months ago before it really hit and marathoned all that was out at the time in a couple of days. It just sucks that they are so short now that I have to wait. I love that there is a big fandom now but some of the different Cecil Baldwin designs seem pretty out there. Maybe its just me but when I know what the voice actor looks like its hard for me to picture him as like a black guy with tons of eyeball tattoos and snakes for hair. At least the fanart for Carlos and his perfect hair seem pretty consistent.
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    Started listening to it yesterday after watching the most recent episode of PBS Idea Channel. The show is really fantastic.

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  • Started listening to it yesterday after watching the most recent episode of PBS Idea Channel. The show is really fantastic.
    I also gave it a try after the Idea Channel did this video and I have to agree that it is fantastic.

  • I think this might be couched too deeply within the New Sincerity for my withered heart to embrace it.
  • The newest episode is up.

    Recognize the guest voice? ;)
  • Im listening to the pilot. Seems interesting but man the guy doing the voice is hamming up "buuuh Im spooky!", that and the intro duction bit drags a tad. I so want it to be good!
  • I thought the voice was invoking a lot more smoothing calmness rather than "buuuh Im spooky!".
  • I finished the pilot and wasn't impressed, and I really wanted to be. The narrator just came up as over doing it and hamming up the role. There was elements of what could have been interesting but crap like "oh when your on the scrubland watch out for these helicoptors and wait for a carnation" just sounded trite and atrificial. The whole thing felt like it was trying to hard to be creepy and odd. It should have beenmore sublit rather than overtly obviouse.
  • I think I know why I like Welcome to Night Vale. Its the same reason why I like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It looks at the amazing and bizarre as something mundane and ridiculous, and I find that juxtaposition inherently entertaining.
  • As luck would have it I was listening to hitchhikers last night. The difference between the two is very obvious to me I feel HH flows it bizarre happenings aren't the focus they are mentioned in passing, accepted then we move on. NV is almost stopping going "Look look at this its bloody odd isn't I mean its really strange get Lovecraft on the phone he'd love this shit!'. It could be good but it tries to hard it desperately wants to be up there with the big boys and its not. That said it is a cool idea, the guys voice does ruin it for me a bit however.
  • Keep listening. Not all of the jokes work but it gets better, especially when you realize that many of the little bits that you thought were just one-offs are actually part of a bigger story.
  • This is why I have a 3 episode rule when it comes to podcasts, to avoid the beginning trappings such as this.
  • Ill give it another go, I know I harp on about it but they guys voice kills it for me. Its like when Gerald is reading the slash fiction he and Dyral were sent.
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    The Night Vale crew has a new horror podcast: Alice Isn't Dead
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