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Travel Thread (meetups, food suggestions, cool stuff to see)



  • Well, there's always this.
  • Anyone know how to extract the most fun out of Kansas City?
  • I borrowed a bike and took my own tour of Kansas City. It has a few interesting sights to see and sites to visit, but you've got to put in a lot of effort to extract a whole lot of fun out of the place.
  • They have a lot of good Thai restaurants, at least.
  • Off to Germany I go.
  • Woohoo! Safe travels. Smuggle Kinder Eggs for me. ;^)
  • Rochelle said:

    Woohoo! Safe travels. Smuggle Kinder Eggs for me. ;^)

    I can bring you back the toys and the chocolate separately, but not together.
  • Rochelle said:

    Woohoo! Safe travels. Smuggle Kinder Eggs for me. ;^)

    They have them at the grocery next to my apartment building.

  • Apreche said:

    Rochelle said:

    Woohoo! Safe travels. Smuggle Kinder Eggs for me. ;^)

    They have them at the grocery next to my apartment building.
    Bring me some when you come to Seattle.
  • Rochelle said:

    Apreche said:

    Rochelle said:

    Woohoo! Safe travels. Smuggle Kinder Eggs for me. ;^)

    They have them at the grocery next to my apartment building.
    Bring me some when you come to Seattle.
  • I thought those were illegal in the US.
  • I thought those were illegal in the US.

    Kind of? I think they made some US-legal ones which basically had this big ridge of plastic around the middle that separated the two bits of chocolate, and made the plastic toy container visible from the outside.

  • It always surprises me when I'm reminded that Kinder Eggs are illegal in the US.
  • Not sure if this is quite relevant to the thread, but I'm moving to San Francisco in about a month.
  • In exactly one month and one day I will be on a whirlwind tour through Dublin, Scotland, England, and Paris. Wheee!
  • Don't forget to find the clue, get the warrant, and capture Carmen Sandiego.
  • Greetings from a quarter of the way around the globe!
  • I just booked my 2-week vacation to Washington DC and the 6 states surrounding it!

    When I turned 30, I made it my goal to visit all 50 US States before I turned 40. In order for it to count, I need to spend at least one night in the state, see at least one thing that the state is famous for, and to find a Geocache in each state. This trip will bring me up to 19 visited states so far - before I even turn 31!

    The plan is to spend a few days in DC, then visit a friend in Raleigh, NC, then to see Natural Bridge, VA and Harper's Ferry, WV, then Gettysburg, then travel the entirety of Delaware on their Geocaching trail, and end the trip in Annapolis, MD, visiting their maritime museum and likely taking a boat tour of Chesapeake Bay.

    Is anyone familiar with those areas enough to suggest a can't-miss place to see (or to eat)?
  • There's the Little Theatre Rose Garden in Raleigh, also avoid any and all Wafflehouses.

    If you're in Racine WV, the natural preserve along the Coal River is a relaxing way to get some exercise.
  • If you plan on going to Baltimore, I heard that Fort McHenry is pretty cool to visit. I did not make it there during my 11 weeks. As for eating, anything in Little Italy. It's at the end of the main strip on the water.
  • Booked a holiday in Japan. I've never been before. It'll be a tour group doing 3 days Tokyo, 3 days Nikko and 3 days Kyoto. Then I'll try to make it on my own to complete my trip.

    I'm a little concerned with my ability to get the most out of time on my own over there what with a just a phrasebook vocabulary...
  • When are you going and how long will you be traveling solo? I live inbetween where you'll be travelling if you wanna meet up.

    You honestly don't need a lot of Japanese unless you go out into the sticks, but even then, you could get by with a smile and expressive hand gestures. There's plentiful English signage in big cities and tourist areas. I'd highly recommend learning hiragana and katakana, though. Even that little bit will make things that much easier to understand. And get a Chinese keyboard for your phone so you can try to draw kanji to help look things up.
  • I'm flying out to Orlando with the main objective of board gaming this weekend.
    Secondary goals include visiting non-Disney and Universal attractions.
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    What are you look for in the way of non-theme parks, and will you have a car? I could probably point you in the right direction.
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  • Transportation is secured. My goals are, regular parks, eateries, bowling alleys, arcades, bodies of water, hiking spots, and sea world.
  • There's a pretty big state park a bit east of Orlando that should serve well for hiking. Player 1 is probably the best arcade in there area, and it's also got pretty cheap drinks. There's springs all over the place; Kelly Springs is nice if you wanna float down a river or De Leon Springs is good if you wanna go canoeing. The Black Hammock is right on Lake Jesup (where they throw any gators that are where they're not supposed to be) if you've ever wanted to try alligator meat. Pom Poms does great sandwiches. The Townhouse in Oviedo is the Southernest food you're gonna find in the area, and Mama's Fixins (in Waterford Lakes by the movie theater or weekends) does great soul food and has THE BEST sweet tea. There's a pretty big Vietnamese community in Orlando, and all my Vietnamese students recommend Pho Vinh (across the street from the best liquor store in the city). And Oh! Que Bueno does huge portions of Columbian food for way cheap. Geeky bars in the area are: The Geek Easy and The Cloak and Blaster.

    If you're looking for anything else in particular, give a holler.
  • Wow, thanks. My friends also suggested cloak and blaster, but not even half of the total of your options.

    Just to confirm, gator tastes like how goldfish smell with the texture of tough chicken or was the restaurant overcooking it? Definitely going to get some pho and spring rolls for sure.
  • Gator tastes like chicken, but has a texture like fish. If it felt like tough chicken, that restaurant done fucked up.
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