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A friend and I are working on a web series called Audience. It is based on some characters she's had for a while, but the stories are largely new ideas just for the show. It is a comedy, though there is action and stuff. The art style has a very vibrant and fun look, and the characters are mainly dogs. The story is hard to explain, but I would compare it to MLP and Durarara. She's a big fan of Lost, Gravity Falls, and Adventure Time and I'm really into Evangelion, MLP, and Utena. There is a full voice cast including an actor who is also our composer. We're not done with the pilot, but in the meantime, there are a multitude of shorts and other videos about the characters. Basically, this might as well be an anime, sort of in the way Bee and Puppycat is anime-esqu. This show has an antihero, quirky villains, and even a secret of space! How could you people not love it? There are various fandom people following it, but I thought it would be good to get some anime fans and tech people into it.

Here are some videos to tide you over until the release! I wanna see crazy over analysis and shipping when I get back! I kid, I kid, BUT SERIOUSLY. Here they are. And yes, some of these are AMV's or parodies of stuff.


Basically, there's this guy, Litho. He has a curse that turns him to stone when moonlight hits him. He has to deal with ghosts, mummies, a madman with a body made of water, a ghoul little sister and her zombie boyfriend with limb detaching action, and a legion of dogs all suspiciously named Darkky, including a mad king, and a chimera with the power to take away free will. There will be jokes, there will be songs, and no matter what happens, the show must go on!


  • I dunno if Scott or Rym even saw this post floating around, but if they have, I would like to know. I mean, I would like to hear what their thoughts are, but mostly I want to know if you they saw it. I don't want to be waiting for something that already came and went without a sound. I think I'll trade these preview videos for the pilot when we're done. We had to overhaul a character design, but it was for efficiency. This means we'll be done sooner than expected. In the meantime, maybe I should filter the previews so only the best are featured.
  • Viethra said:

    I think I'll trade these preview videos for the pilot when we're done. In the meantime, maybe I should filter the previews so only the best are featured.

    So much for that, editing expired. Oh well. Sorry for bumping such a dead thread.
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    This is something of an update, and a considerable upgrade to the original Audience post. Below is a playlist of representative shorts, animations, and even trailers from the fan-trailer contest, to give you a taste of what's to come.

    By the way, here's a nifty little jrpg game about the main character and the Big Bad to amuse you until Episode 1 comes out.

    While I'm at it, here's the TV Tropes page for the show. Be careful! TV Tropes destroys lives!

    I don't have the authority to merge OP with this post, but if someone who can feels like tidying this all up, that would be cool. We really don't need all those huge embed videos up there.
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  • Might as well share some character designs. I'm excited about these two and I'm sure some people here would like them. Their uniforms have a certain strength and nobility to them. If you catch my Frisbee.
    image Good Cop image Bad Cop
  • More First and Day.

    Odd Darkky, the ghost hunting cannibal.

    Showtime Darkky, our primary antagonist.

    Episode 1 "Party Pooper" titlecard

    Tsar Alek, one of the villains.

  • Episode 1 has finally premiered.
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