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Beyond Dungeons & Dragons - PAX Aus

PAX Australia 2013
Beyond Dungeons & Dragons

D&D is a great way to get into tabletop role playing games, and for most of us, it was our first foray into that world. As classic and dear to us as it is, however, it has certain limitations. If all you have is a hammer, then suddenly everything starts to look like a nail. Role playing systems are no different. The system that handles a raucous dungeon crawl is probably not well tuned for a cyberpunk procedural or modern romantic comedy.

GeekNights has flown here all the way from New York, and we'd love for you to join us for a discussion of the role mechanics play in role playing games. They have more of an effect than you might realize. If D&D was your first venture, then we're here to give you your next. Broaden your gaming horizons, flex your role-playing muscles, and learn what lies beyond Dungeons & Dragons.

This was performed at the first PAX Australia in 2013. Friday in the Wombat Theatre.

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  • Well my social group is gonna be playing GURPS in a couple days but I am definitely looking into SHOCK and Burning Wheel
  • I watched this video a few nights ago. I guess I've watched a previous version before. However, if you have footage of the first time you ran it at PAX, I'd still watch the first part of it again.
  • Ancient unearthed video from the first PAX we ever attended: PAX Prime 2008!

    We did not take this video (Eryn did).

    This was literally the second time we'd ever performed the lecture. You can notice a few things that we've changed. We used to talk about LARPs, but we cut that and our little larper joke out.

    PAX used to have tiny lecture halls that only seated a few hundred people at most. We didn't even need mics!
  • Holy Halibut Batman! Scott had hair!
  • It appears that Uncle Yo has a version of your panel now. I was there and can say it was quite good, here is a sizzle reel.

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