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Education, Schooling, Learning, and the Difference Between Them



  • This thread is quite appropriate as I just had a dream today of being in middle school again. I woke up so grateful that I am in the high school I am in. In middle school it was all pointless busy work that anybody with half a brain could solve. The teachers hardly allowed us to question the text book and everything was unbearably dull. On the other hand, my high school is a place that encourages interesting ideas. All my teachers either have PhDs or are currently working towards one. They understand the value of learning and make classrooms a productive and fun place to be in. In fact in 10th grade, my history professor spend a whole class period disproving an ignorant conclusion of our textbook. This demonstrated to us that not everything in textbooks are correct, and often the academics who write them have biases.

    Regardless, I think the real purpose of most public schools is exactly what Noam Chomsky said in this video:

    "It's a system of Indoctrination of the Young", pretty much summarizes most public education.
  • Gotta find the good, passionate teachers with different teaching strategies and methods.

    Like me.
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