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Dusk In Kalevia

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So, hey, guys! I'm sorry I haven't been on the forum that much lately, but I can finally talk about some of the stuff I have been busy with. In addition to working on my film (still) I have been writing a novel that will start serialization over at Sparkler Monthly--an online publisher of web-fiction, comics, and audio dramas -- in a few weeks. For the past half year now I've been working on a spy story set in a fictional satellite state in Northern Europe during the Cold War, which follows physical personifications of Hope versus Despair during the outbreak of a rebellion against the government, as well as focusing on a teenage girl who joins the partisans in their fight. It's all alternate history supernatural kinda-slashy espionage! Yay!

Here's the copy from the back of the book:
"Like most secret agents, Toivo Valonen is not what he seems. An angelic embodiment of hope living on earth in the guise of a human, he has acted throughout history as a source of wartime inspiration and comfort. In the year 1960, he embarks on an undercover mission in the Communist state of Kalevia, allied with a rebellion against the government–and pursued by rival agent Demyan Chernyshev, a dark angel in the employ of the KGB. But as Toivo’s mission is complicated by his explosive past with Demyan, the two of them discover that a young human couple may be the key to the Kalevian conflict. The otherworldly spies begin a dangerous game, only to end up in a conspiracy that could bring the entire country to its knees."

Also, I am excited because Sparkler is hiring an illustrator for me, the very talented Onorobo. I knew of her before from some comic people (she's pretty popular on Tumblr), so it's neat to get to work with her. Here are some character sketches she did last week. Just wait until you see the cover next month! (Just a heads up, Onorobo draws a lot of pron, so her tumblr as a whole is pretty NSFW.)
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