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Powerpuff Girls' Reboot

I just saw that Power Puff Girls are getting a reboot
What do you guys think? Is this going to be the next MLP or just a sad attempted to get some money from nostalgic fans? Who will be giving it a try and who will wait to hear other’s thoughts?
For those that have not seen the teaser.


  • That crossover? Needs to happen.
  • We were talking about this a bit in the MagCondo.

    I'm a fan of the art style, but not for something that was already so closely linked to a style in the first place. It just comes off as odd to me.
  • I think the new art-style is acceptable, but that animation comes off as really jerky.
  • What Neito said (I was there). The animation just is too jarring given that everything else looks the same. It's upsetting to hear the correct voice and the correct sound and everything but look at it and be like "THAT'S NOT WHAT THAT CHARACTER LOOKS LIKE NO"
  • The new Powerpuff Girls thing is just a TV special.
    I'd love to see more from PowerpuffGirls or anything from the Cartoon Cartoon age of Cartoon Network.
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    I wonder what they'd look like if Craig or Lauren redesigned them today. I know they're simple designs, but who knows? Maybe their design and cartooning have advanced in ways that would significantly affect the appearance of the characters.
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