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Tango Super PC

Found this on Riddit and felt it was worth sharing. Looks cool to me, of course that depends if it actual ever comes out.


  • Sounds too good to be true, which means it is.

    If this computer was viable, then other companies would do this as well. Look at the Steamboxes, which are trying to do the exact same thing, but with bigger budgets and by larger companies. They are not nearly as compact or low-cost, because that's not possible.

    I'll remain highly skeptical, until I actually see them.
  • Looks like the "unit" houses the CPU, RAM and SSD while the "dock" houses everything else. I don't see anything about use without the dock.
  • This product doesn't make sense to me.

    It's being marketed as a computer that can do everything and is pushing the gaming side of things. It is made up of laptop components with on die graphics. Other than that it has an SSD which holds your data.

    It is effectively just a portable SSD because you need a dock wherever you go and you can't run it as a laptop between places. It's actually worse because the docks can't be used while your jazz disk I mean your "Tango" is else where.

    The on die AMD HD 8400 is equivalent to neutered desktop Radeon 6450, even my 2 year old HTPC has more graphics card power and I bought the video card for $50.

    Did the guy developing this pretend that the Internet and laptops don't exist?
  • This is cheaper than some laptops I've seen, but it's not notably more powerful. :\
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