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Strike Vector

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I talked about this game previously in the "What games are you playing" thread, but seriously guys, this game is amazing. It's everything you want in a shooter. It's fast paced, it is largely about projectiles and dodging thereof, it has pickups rather than regenerating health, it has a really high skill cap, etc. It also has no unlocks or an imbalanced playing field in terms of available weapons due to investment of time or money. And it's just really, really good.

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  • It's on my wishlist at the moment will probably get it tomorrow. Are there many people playing it?
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    I don't really have any trouble finding places to play, usually on servers in London. Not sure how it is in the U.S. though.
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  • I got it and have been playing it a bit. Very fun. Feels like an arcade-y combination of Tribes 2, Vipers from BSG, and variable fighters from Macross.
  • So they rolled out the promised update on the 28th. They added two new maps (both of which are pretty nice) as well as Capture the Flag mode.

    Seriously guys. This is one of the best shooter games in ages. You guys have no excuse.
  • BTW, there will be another free content update at the end of March.
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