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Threads to inviting people to contests/auditions?



  • All of us have a lot to say at times. That's why we have the Depression thread, Politics threads, and other heavy topics like it.

    We also sometimes post things that get no response at all, no matter how regular or old-time we are. Of course, a good way to counter that is to go read through threads and respond to other people's posts.

    Just don't interact with an ulterior motive. People can tell. In real life, it tends to make you come off as That Guy. On the internet, it just irritates people. If you tend to have projects you need/want help with, cool! But don't let that dictate your actions. It's the same as dating: if you go out to activities solely to find a date, you're not really invested in the activity, and people can tell. Go out and enjoy yourself, and when something comes up that you want to pitch to your friends, you'll have some to pitch it to!
  • Them was good times.

    Acquiring a "nemesis", now that takes some doing.
  • The quotes were used because I'm of equal skill in gaming with him and he finds it annoying. :-D
  • Ooh, just the kind of biting comment I would expect from my nemesis.
  • Viethra said:

    Them was good times.

    Acquiring a "nemesis", now that takes some doing.
    Not as much as you'd think. It's not like a nuclear missile launch, where two people have to turn the key. You can really just declare someone to be your nemesis.
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    Victor, do you want to be nemisees?

    EDIT: I don't really know what we'd compete on. Our primary areas of interests don't actually overlap a lot, even if our peripheral interests are very similar.
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