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GeekNights Wednesday - Yamishibai

Tonight on GeekNights, we review the short horror anime Yamishibai. It's definitely worth watching, and is genuinely good horror storytelling. In the news, we're back from Anime Boston 2014, though we skipped most of Friday and all of Sunday at the con due to the ridiculous security theater. We discuss the good and bad of Anime Boston 2014!

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  • I had the same issue as you last year in getting my laptop equipment in and out of Anime Boston, the trick that I use is to simply leave all the stuff at the bag check inside of the convention. Last year it was a dollar and using it save me so much time after food runs and reusing it was fine.
  • Heck, as a staffer, I was exempt from the bag check and even I thought it was ridiculous...
  • Watched all episodes and was genuinely creeped out by a good amount of episodes. I'm impressed at how effective it was for less than 3 minutes.
    Yes, and if something creepy does happen, GET THE EFF OUT OF THERE. Don't stick around and investigate unless you are open to being screwed.
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