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On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness

We didn't have a thread for this? We didn't have a thread for this. Anyway, are these worth playing? I have a buttload of steam games I've never played, and if these aren't good I'm youtubing them. Or not.


  • I played the first one. It's cute (well, PA for cute) and relatively simplistic. I don't remember how long it took to complete, but I'd guess five hours. The top-down FF6-esque sequels looked interesting (I love FF6), but I never got around to them.
  • This is still a thing?
  • I've got 3 and 4, but none of the others. I'm slowly poking through them, they're not too bad. They're not the greatest games in the world, but far from bad. Worth the tiny amount of money that they cost.
  • I played the first one only. I might own the second one, not sure. I just don't have time for single player RPGs so much. I only half beat Skyrim.
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