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PAX South 2015



  • If you guys want to play a solid Euro game that will be available at PAX, we should all learn the rules to Keyflower.

    Currently rated number 30 out of all board games on BGG. Published by Game Salute (warning, I know), but they had nothing to do with it. Straight-up licensing deal where they imported it. It is actually very hard to find now, and close to becoming one of those $100+ eBay games, but I know Game Salute put 4 copies in the library at PAX East. That being said, board games are not the specialty of those who run PAX TableTop, so I'm willing to bet they have culled at least 2 of those (I think one got the axe at East). Regardless, it's not often that a hot, recent Euro is sitting in the PAX library. Keyflower should be.
  • Keyflower is good, I played it once in 2013. They're on their third printing or something by now (I was actually talking to the owner of my local store about it last week), so I wouldn't pay $100 on eBay. Just wait for another print run. :P
  • Oh I would never advise that. Just saying it's an opportunity to try it w/o paying. I am sure GS will get more copies out. I actually own one from last PAX East, when GS was doing their 50% off for Enforcers sale. They have a very strict "MSRP only" policy, so I try to take advantage of that.
  • Hello from San Antonio!

    Kinda chilly but also muggy. No Bueno.
  • Fuck it, I'll take 50 degrees right now after the few weeks we've had up in the northeast.
  • According to weather report it should be nice and sunny during the weekend. San Antonio is pretty muggy though.
  • Spent some time today playing Jason Rohrer's new game, Cordial Minuet. Man, it is a mind-fucker of a simple, abstract, number picking game.
  • This is an unlisted YouTube video from the Cordial Minuet forums where he describes how to play:

    He has a booth at South this year, and will be running demo games. If you win, you get $2 as a "souvenir" (the game is played for real money online)
  • I got into it early, but didn't play even once because real money gambling.
  • The majority of games I joined were 1 cent stakes, and you bet in 1/100th increments of the match stakes.
  • Not only did I convert/prep a Torchbearer dungeon last night, but my friend came through with a Torchbearer adventure to playtest. It's on!
  • Matt said:

    The majority of games I joined were 1 cent stakes, and you bet in 1/100th increments of the match stakes.

    Oh, I never considered that.
  • To be fair, I was surprised myself. The articles I had seen on the game in the past led me to believe it was $2 minimum bet.
  • I swear, we are going to fucking bury the state of Texas in wooden cubes.

  • That's a lot of cubes. Texas is a biiiiiig state. I'm going to do my part, however.
  • Everything is Big in Texas. Be sure to bring your biggest wooden cubes.
  • Need extra badges. Tweet at me @RosakaM
  • Oh god need badges
  • wtf people? How can anyone forget a ticket to an event you are flying to?
  • Who else screwed up other then Andrew...
  • He thought he had badges, but then he didn't have badges.
  • Cremlian said:

    Who else screwed up other then Andrew...

    Whoa don't be so presumptuous that it was ME...
  • I mentioned this to Ro on Twitter, but will leave it here:
    - First, you should definitely go sob story it up with the info booth and see what you can make happen.
    - Second, I'm enforcing in Tabletop. We have a vendor who fucked up and has three demo tables but only two staff members, and also had no idea that TT stays open after expo hall closes, so he's desperate for more people to help demo games. He's offering a full weekend badge for a few hours work, and hasn't found any takers.
  • Third, Rym/Ro/etc., don't forget the Enforcer forums. There have been badge swapping threads popping up rather frequently.
  • Badges reacquired! Moving story worked.
  • If you guys still need extra badges, let me know. I sold all my personal ones, but I know a couple of locals who ended up grabbing a few extra.
  • “I love the Corps!”
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    So I only went on Saturday. Was accompanied by my cousin and his pregnant wife. I only mention that because we were all wondering if there would be places to just chill out and for her to catch her breath so to speak. Fortunately there where plenty of places to just sit down and take it all in. The whole experience was very chill. Lot of Moms and Dads with there little ones also. Very family friendly which was something I wasn't really expecting. I tried to look for Rym and Scott and Ro playing board games but could find no sign of them. My cousin is a big console gamer. So we had good time playing in the console room. Then near the end we all sat down and played some Sushi Go. My cousins wife immediately picked up on the the game and kicked both are asses. Very fun and amazing day.
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  • Roll for the Galaxy, Walnut Grove, and Navegador were the winners in my bag. The while con was great - the only bad part is the logistics of flying back into a crazy winter storm. And finding breakfast on a Sunday.
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    I enjoyed Roll for the Galaxy. I feel I'm just getting my heuristics down for that. I also wanted to try Navegador, so I'm disappointed I couldn't get that played. I have some ruminations on Pandante that I may feel like going into later. Ginkopolis was fun once I figured the deal out but that was way too little, way too late.

    It was good to see old familiar faces (Ro, Jeremy, Scrym, Frank, Freda and Matt) and the new ones (Chris and Tresi). I can't wait for Prime.

    I still think Dallas would be better overall but San Antonio is a city I'd return to.
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