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GeekNights Wednesday - Kill la Kill: Final Thoughts

Tonight on GeekNights, we bring you our spoiler-filled final thoughts on Studio Trigger's game-changing Kill la Kill. Before that, we discuss the 2014 Eisner Award nominations and Masaaki Yuasa's Adventure Time episode.

If you have any questions or complaints about the mandatory bag checks and metal detectors at Anime Boston 2014 or the mandatory bag checks and forced changes to the bathroom layout at PAX East 2014, know that the Mayor of Boston is doing an AMA Thursday 4/24.

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  • Those Nasa space station pictures were published in many books. I recognize them from books about space that I read in the 1980's.

    Canticle for Liebowitz is good book, but very frustrating for me. Please, please, please read it carefully, and don't fall into the same misreadings as many people. I did two different podcasts about it, because my rebuttals and views are more complex than most people want to admit the book is worth.
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    I have two Nest smoke alarms in my house and they are fantastic. Many great features built-in, but the great unexpected one is that they serve as motion detectors around my house, which helps the thermostat tell if anyone is home. It uses that data to override the pre-set schedule for saving energy and money, and long-term, to make permanent schedule changes if they could result in even greater efficiency.

    The only downside is that one of the features, which lets you wave at the alarm to silence it, had a bug where in an extremely rare case, some other motion could silence the alarm, and you might continue sleeping through it. Since it is a safety concern, they did a remote push to all the wifi-connected alarms and disabled this feature (temporarily), but I had at least 3 old people relatives contact me with concerns that my whole family was going to die in a fire the next night.

    Edit: Just checked out the space colony art. I don't know if I've ever seen the originals, but wow, yeah they have served as inspiration for more sci-fi properties than I could even name right now. The latest that comes to mind is Elysium.
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  • How the hell can you not notice a smoke detector chirping? Not hearing a tv that's turned on I can understand... but that chirp? It's so loud!
  • I did not know about the Disney cartoons good use of 2 hours.
  • The idea of a circular space colony existed long before Gundam and even before those NASA paintings.

    From 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968):

  • That's not a space colony. It's a space station.
  • There is a sneak peak at Masaaki Yuasa's Adventure Time episode.
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  • MANY more anime fans should know about Kemonozume than actually do. It's not like it was wildly available on DVD or anything.
  • It's not like it was wildly available on DVD or anything.

    Any string formatted "It's not like" * "or anything." automatically is presumed to be tsundere denial.
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