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  • Seems to me that the Nerdiest states, the way they calculated, are generally states with the lowest population density.
  • Perhaps in states like Alaska, the people using the internet must cross a higher threshold of nerdery - the remainder of the non-nerdy state isn't even on the internet to be considered.
  • I'd be curious to see the results not as a percentage of users, but as a percentage of the overall population according to census data.
  • The criteria are garbage. It's focusing on the most stereotypical interests based solely on keyword use. It also relies entirely on facebook.

    Per capita in sparsely populated places is the opposite of a good metric. It's definitely easier to get a D&D game going in New York than in Nevada for the average person. It's also per-state. Upstate New York is more like Ohio or Pennsylvania than it is like downstate New York...

    This would be more accurate if it was absolute totals by, say, county.
  • Honestly I bet the % of "nerds" in NYC is probably pretty low. There are just so many people that the % doesn't really matter because they are so condensed and easy to access each other.

    Than again maybe they are all Geek-chic Posers :-p
  • I'd buy that. I believe them when they say NJ is pretty low in the charts. It's just not a problem due to how densely populated the state it. There are plenty of nerds, you just won't bump into them around every corner.

    Oh and yes, this whole thing is generally bullshit. The criteria are bizarre. The kind of person who "likes" cosplaying and LARPing on Facebook is most likely not the same person who did the same for Star Wars.
  • Idaho seems really weird to me. I don't remember there being a lot of nerdy people when I lived there.
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