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The "Worlds of Power" Nintendo Books

For those not aware, a series of painfully awful books based on Nintendo games were published in the 90s under the "Worlds of Power" brand. They even included a disclaimer: "This book is not authorized, sponsored, or endorsed by Nintendo of America Inc." (I assume Nintendo let Konami keep the rights to the characters and/or novels.

Having a little fun with them:


  • "I will drink your blood like cherry pop" is one of the greatest lines in children's literature. They also edited the pistol out of Solid Snake's hand in the cover of the Metal Gear book.

    These were not a part of my childhood in any way, and I find them incredibly amusing. Debating whether to actually read one of these cover to cover... maybe Shadowgate...
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  • I like chocolate too. I'm really in touch with this main character. Much more than any of those jerks in Gatsby.
  • These books should totally be a Tuesday topic! (Or a gag Thursday book club book.)
  • Is there no way to download that as an mp3? This seems like a perfect time to revive the Geeknights Experimental feed.
  • Ye gods... I remember reading some of those books as a kid, and they were so unbelievably awful.
  • Good lord I remember those. I know for a fact that I owned and read the Bionic Commando one, even though I had never played the game. (Growing up in a mostly Sega household due to older brother preferences, I had Nintendo lust). For some reason I remember it as a "choose your own adventure" book, but nothing on Google points to that being the case.

    I still own a few Nintendo novel oddities, like Moblin's Magic Spear, an early reader Zelda book from the Golden Books line. I also have two hardcover compilations of the Nintendo Comics System, both of which are awesome.

  • How does Simon know how his spirit tastes like?
  • I had the Bionic Commando book from this series, despite never having the actual game as a child. We were a Sega family, led by my older brother. I lusted after everything Nintendo (liking things opposite from my older brother was a repeating theme of our childhoods).
  • I've been reading this book for our Patreon Patrons. Just got through chapter 6.
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