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GeekNights Thursday - A Showdown


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    I also had an OJ slammer, but mine was slightly different. It read "OJ in the Slammer":

    Even the post-trial story is fascinating. The Goldman family was so relentless in pursuing OJ's assets after they won $30M+ from him in civil court, that it made OJ's life a living hell. He was eventually busted for armed robbery trying to steal OJ Simpson merchandise from a sports dealer.

    I had a shit-ton of pogs from all different collections, but I'd say only about 20% were the real deal with staples in them. Surely more than enough to play the game, but I can't say I did that more than a handful of times (a story I would repeat throughout the CCG era as well). But if I did play, oh, there was this sweet-ass POG stadium with mousepad mat:

    Oh and about those Gundam models. Barnes & Noble is making a push to start stocking them now. Maybe they're trying to appeal to those kids who sit there and read manga for free all day (they're not gonna have the cash). B&N stores have 4 rows dedicated to teen-to-adult toys/puzzles/games, and in the past year, they've made a big shift to small boxes and low price points for family, party, and word games, opening up room for new product lines like models, lego architecture series, and even some robotics kits and AR drones and shit.

    The only reason it's worth paying attention to is that when these gambles go south, B&N unloads it all for $2 a piece. I'd never seen them before, but these metal works models look like they'd be an enjoyable activity:
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  • I used to buy Gundam Wing models from Toys R Us when I was younger. I found some at the Asian supermarket in the International District for $10 or so. Bought one up and it's been sitting on my work desk forever. I used to just fight them with my DBZ action figures when I was 11.
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