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I´m looking for a new operating system

I know I should probably go to a specified forum for this, but this is a forum I know has a lot of smart people than can explain shit to someone who isn´t necessarily a big tech-nerd.
I´m looking for an operating system that

1. Has a REAL interface, not that windows-8-shit where it starts you with those stupid apps, and you have to look for that START-Button and search for anything having to do with settings. (Sorry if I sound like a little kid, but I really hate windows 8.)
2. Has a working system reboot.
3. Is compatible with adobe creative cloud programms.


  • Windows 8 or OSX. You don't have any other options.
  • If you honestly hate Windows 8, it's because you don't actually know what Windows 8 is. It's literally just Windows 7 with a different start menu. Since 8.1, it'll even boot straight into the Desktop if you ask it.
  • yea I'm using 8.1 I have a few complaints but really it's nothing major.
  • Seriously, Windows 8 is exactly the same thing as Windows 7. Metro is the same thing as the Start Menu, except it's laid out differently. It's exactly all the same information. It's even in the same location.
  • Two user spaces is a pain in the fucking ass to deal with. Or at least it seems like two separate ones. Go to a link, instead opens Metro IE which is a broken piece of shit that has like no features available for its js engine. I didn't mess around with it that long but holy shit it was annoying the small amount I've used it so far.
  • I did a little research and now realise how stupid my question was. So just disregard this post. I´m Sorry.

    btw. The Windows-8-Menu still sucks.
  • If you have a touch screen, the Windows Start Screen is pretty awesome.
  • If you have a touch screen, the Windows Start Screen is pretty awesome.

  • Honestly, even without one, it's certainly not the Hitlerstalinmao that people make it out to be.
  • Just use Start 8 or something and its pretty much Windows 7. If Microsoft had only made the start screen enabled by default in touchscreen computers I doubt that many people would give a shit.
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    I kinda like straight Win 8.0 even tho I don't use Metro much and generally just work off the Desktop as per normal.

    That said when I do use it, I kinda like Metro; enough that 8.1 upgrade isn't worth my time as long as there's no other differences between the two.
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