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GeekNights Presents Utena: ep12

GeekNights Presents: Utena
Episode 12

This is the end of the first arc of Revolutionary Girl Utena. This is the point from which everything changes. Pay attention to how every character reacts to everything that happens. How does Touga know so much? Why is Juri so calm despite his seemingly total victory? What did Anthy remember?

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  • I've watched these with the episodes to this point, should I just plow through the rest of the show myself or wait for more GNP:RGU W/R&S?
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    You should just watch them and when ScRym release the next episode, watch that particular episode again.

    Edit: I haven't watched any of GN's Utena video's in a long time. Thank goodness for YouTube remembering what I last watched: Episode 6.
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