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GeekNights Wednesday - Bravest Warriors

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about the delightful show Bravest Warriors. In many ways, its the future of how media can be made in the modern world of digital distribution and the Internet. In the news, Rym's feeling that need to rewatch Escaflowne, Letter to Momo is playing in New York, as is The New York Festival ofContemporary Japanese Cinema, and someone stole Jun Fukushima's bike.

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  • I'm in Seattle and I won't be going to conneticon (or pax prime, I wanna see more music this year. I've been grinding on games for a while, I don't want to over do it)

    I don't rewatch much anime, but I will do it for nostalgia. I'm not an anime fan, but I like well done TV and won't exclude anime from it.

    Bears doing human things was mildly entertaining. However its very dangerous for bears to shown and treated in that manner. They are wild animals and should not be fed. Bears are dangerous, don't bother them.

    Death of the American hobo and other vice docs are OK. But I don't really trust documentaries.

    Bravest Warriors is cool, but the releases are so infrequent its hard for me to get into. Really like the setting though. I notice Pendleton Ward tends to deal a lot with themes of adolescent love, deep friendship s, and has lots of unrequited tension between characters ( not always romantic relationships). Lots of deep stuff for adolescents to try and wrap their heads around. Its very 'teenage' in a weird sort of way. Like a first foray into 'adult' problems with the naïvety of youth.

    (Next to the last episode this was super accessible, just saying its a pretty stark contrast)

    I'm on page 67/ 159 of Canticle for Leibowitz
  • Edited for relevance:
  • Who parks a nice bike like that outside? Especially in a heavily populated area like Shinjuku?
  • Who parks a nice bike like that outside? Especially in a heavily populated area like Shinjuku?

    In a civil society, you should be able to park a bike like that anywhere.

    I'm a big advocate of heavy and widespread crackdowns on petty crime.

  • Yeah, ideally, that would be the case.
  • Good luck with convincing the NYPD.
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