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MST3K Rifftrax and the like

Wow, I can't believe I didn't see a thread about it here.

I've been watching more of it lately and occasionally go to the Rifftrax screenings. With Sharknado just given the Rifftrax treatment last night, lets talk about MST3K!

My favorite episode at the moment is Riding with Death from season 8. My favorite changes a lot though depending on the day.


  • I am in the middle of watching the entire MST3K run. I just wrapped up season 5. Final Sacrifice is probably my favorite, most quotable episode.
  • Daikun said:
    I am going to call it now this will bomb big time. Not due to a lack of effort, but due to a "new cast" taking it over.
  • It needs a complete reboot. New cast, new writers, new everything.
  • As much as I love me some MST3K, that format is old-style comedy. It's too novelty-sparse and long form for modern sensibilities.

    At best, it would be a show that kids today might half-watch in the background while they're doing something else. But comedy-wise, that format has not aged well.
  • It took me years to work out what MST3K was, and more to realize that people actually watched it, and years more of being utterly confused as to why anyone would watch it.
  • When I was young, even in high school, my brain was the kind of brain that even liked the parts of MST3K where they weren't watching a movie.

    That brain is gone.

    Still, Albert Vitti Permitee will never get old.
  • Daikun said:
    Base funding reached.
  • They revealed the first new cast member. Jonah Ray. Good lord, avoid this show at all costs.
  • Matt said:

    They revealed the first new cast member. Jonah Ray. Good lord, avoid this show at all costs.

  • Never heard of him. This thread seems to have that theme for me!
  • He's a co-host of the Nerdist podcast, and minor player in the American standup comedy and television scene.

    The Nerdist podcast is most notable for its ability to get consistently great guests, Chris Hardwick's undeniable skill at interviewing people, and the show's immediate impact of making you despise all three hosts. Listening to them makes my skin crawl.

    I don't know how they do it, but they simultaneously embrace both a love for consumption of generic awful nerd media, and a "too cool for all of this" attitude. They try incredibly hard to appeal to the crowd who would sit in line at Comic Con for 12 hours just to watch comic book movie trailers, the icing on the cake being that sometimes they simply come across as trying too hard.
  • I would burn GeekNights to the ground before I would emulate the Nerdist.
  • I don't think I've heard of the Nerdist podcast before. Not that I remember.
  • Here is what I know about the Nerdist.

    I've never listened to it.
    I think one of the hosts was Wil Wheaton's college roommate.
    For some reason they get the top tier guests.
    It's a really popular podcast, probably because of the guests.
  • It's incredibly popular, everything Scott said is true, and I listened to it for the better part of a year back in 2010 or 2011. I've been clean for a while.
  • I'm a big fan of mst3k.

    I'm much happier with their kickstarter now that they've explained how they're spending the money and how it scales to include up to 12 episodes. I'm happy that Joel passed on the host seat to someone else, as I don't think I'd particularly enjoy Joel hosting in anything other than a guest capacity. I know nothing about Jonah other than this:

    I still haven't backed the kickstarter. The only tier that makes sense is the all-download tier for $100, and I'm not convinced I want to pay $100 for that. At the very least I will kick them $1 to keep in touch, but this is still a wait-and-see for me.
  • On the off chance the new MST3K is worth watching, I know enough nerds and there is enough Internet that I will be able to watch it without paying so much for this Kickstarter. I backed a whole bunch of other more important things recently.
  • I just don't think anyone who isn't already specifically a fan of old MST3K will get into the remake.
  • I really don't understand the hate for Jonah Ray. He's actually a pretty funny guy, I will agree that the Nerdist is not a great show, but The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail usually makes me laugh.
  • Daikun said:
    $3.3 million stretch goal reached.
  • It also appears that Patton Oswald is in this too, wtf?
  • $4.4M stretch goal reached. 9 episodes funded and only a day to go.

    Also, the Rick & Morty creators are writing for the new season.
  • I'm in for $100. Let's hope they hit all twelve episodes!
  • edited December 2015
    Full 13 episode season reached. They deed it!

    Final tally: $5,764,229 (plus whatever they got in the store)

    EDIT: They made it to 14 episodes ($6.3M stretch goal).

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  • I was recently reminded that I posed for this picture at Connecticon years ago.


    Yes someone actually bought that picture that was used in that movie that was riffed a whole bunch.
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