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GeekNights Wednesday - Sailor Moon Crystal - First Look

Tonight on GeekNights, we present our first look at Sailor Moon Crystal. We worry it is uninspired and lacks the care and energy of the original anime, but will continue watching it for the time being. Meanwhile, we're also watching the original anime (as we've discussed previously). In the news, Thor is a lady, Archie is dead, Yowamushi Pedal is getting a movie, Midousuji is Voldo, and ConnectiCon 2014 was amazing! We're also looking generally for good AMVs.

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  • A friend of mine from college flew down to Orlando last month and was able to get through the qualifying course. As they say in the intro to that video, it is the same exact course, except without the last 4 obstacles. I almost shit my pants watching him get through it. In comparison, I shouldn't have to shit for a week now.
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