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GeekNights Live at PAX Prime 2014!

We are pleased to announce that we will be presenting a lecture at PAX Prime 2014!

How to Win Every Game
Monday @ noon
Sandworm Theatre

It seems obvious that, when playing a game of skill, one attempts to win. Interestingly, this is often not the case, and even skilled gamers rarely analyze to any real depth the underlying mechanics and strategy of a given game. By deconstructing the games we play, you too can make them far less fun for yourself and beat the everliving hell out of your friends. We'll hit the theory pretty heavily, but also specific examples from games like "Stratego", "Settlers of Catan", and even "Football".

This is a brand new lecture! As always, we can't promise we'll have video of it up after the con, so if you really want to see it, show up! We might even take questions for once!

Rym will additionally be at PAX Dev: feel free to say hi if you're there.

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