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We did a show on Zendo a while ago, but there doesn't seem to be a forum thread for it!

Tonight on GeekNights, we consider the delightful Zendo. (The most efficient way to purchase it is via multiple copies of Ice Dice). But first, we ramble about clipless pedals, JeepAthon2k, Nintendo's woes, the Portal 2 Testing Initiative, Valve hiring hardware people and considering a "steam box", and even the opening to Eretzvaju.

Also, this episode was recorded some time ago (as Rym is traveling to Istanbul), and at that time PAX Prime was not yet sold out. We must have been prescient.

Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time op
Two Best Sisters Play Portal 2

We now also have video showing you how to play.


  • Looks like a pretty cool game. Thanks for more board game videos.
  • So this happened when I tried to share the video on reddit.
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    Pegu said:

    So this happened when I tried to share the video on reddit.

    Lol. Drama. Whatevs.
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  • Pegu said:

    So this happened when I tried to share the video on reddit.

    That is a terrible subreddit, one guy who makes and enforces the rules and misinterprets his own rules because of assumptions.
  • Quick question how many pyrmaids do you guys have in your Zendo set? They are discontinuing the pyramids soon and want to grab a set before it becomes really hard to get.
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    I've got 2 sets of Ice Dice in my set. now that you say it's going the way of the Dodo, I'll buy two more.
    On a related note, I played Zendo at a board game party for my University's Physics Department, they applied Set Theory to the problem, best night of my life.
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  • Debating if I should get the alternate color pyramids they come in a pack of 15 and would potentially increase the complexity of the game...
  • The game can get pretty complex already with just the 5. I ordered them because I wanted more colors for reasons. Also, they have Chrononauts, ordered that too.
  • I managed to hit a jack pot in cannibalizing TWO Loony Labs Demo kits to acquire enough pyramids for a personal Zendo set.
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