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Magical Girl Transformation Sequences

So I was listening to the Sailor Moon Crystal episode where they were talking about the really bland transformation sequences, and I really want to know what your favourite magical girl transformation sequence is.

Rym and Scott may probably point a finger at Utena esepcially from the movie, but in terms of creativity of animation, I have to go with a much more recent show, which is madoka magika, more precisely, the 3rd movie.

I am also quite fond of Mawaru Penguindrum's sequence, although more for the song than anything.


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    The best Magical girl.

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  • Apparently being God means you don't need an Olympic level event performance.
  • I think that Madoka sequence redefines the term "overwrought."
  • muppet said:

    I think that Madoka sequence redefines the term "overwrought."

    No, no. I can think of at least two anime things more overwrought than that.

  • Holy shit, I had forgotten Mazinger existed.
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    Now that I think about it, its really hard for me to place a magical girl transformation sequence with an actual song. The two that spring to mind are both done by Ikuhara.

    Both the Utena and Penguindrum transformation sequences feature amongst my favourites. Penguindrum's inches a bit over Utena's though,

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    One of my favourite recent transformations is Cure Sunny from Smile PreCure, who transforms with a magic powder puff that EXPLODES HER COSTUME ONTO HER MICHAEL-BAY-STYLE.

    Ain't no one messin' with Cure Sunny.
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