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MAGFest 13



  • I didn't even run into Viga once :-(
  • I got to hug Viga and got smiles in return. I win!
  • Nuri said:

    I got to hug Viga and got smiles in return. I win!

    Viga's a class act.

  • Coldguy said:

    I and some ex-forumites were there. I think I saw Coldguy in TT once and Viga while getting dinner.

    Why u no say hi?
    You seemed busy, and I wasn't sure I recognized you correctly. :P
  • With the one exception of when I was chilling in your hotel room, every time I saw you at the con you where in "The Zone".
  • MAGFEST Dates Feb 18th to the 21st.
  • Cremlian said:

    MAGFEST Dates Feb 18th to the 21st.

    Why do they keep moving the dates around so much??!!

  • Contract issues apparently the Gaylord gave them an offer they couldn't refuse. (as in lots of benefits)
  • Odds of bumping into PAX South are hopefully low.

    It also means we can plan New Year's and a ski trip pretty easily!
  • Where did you get this info? I don't see it on the website?
  • Apparently they announced it via the volunteer website and sent a E-mail out to all volunteers.

    I.E. They sorta screwed up doing a public announcement since the website is public to everyone.
  • MAGFest really needs to lock in their dates in a multi-year deal like other big conventions.
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    They did this change apparently to connected to a more stable date in JAN with better prices.
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  • Due to the various leaks I can add this
    MAGFest said:

    We took in a ton of feedback from everyone and did a ton of homework on how this will affect space allocations/moving/etc. It was an extremely big decision with a lot of tradeoffs on both outcomes, and one we didn't arrive at quickly or lightly.

    The big upside is that the Gaylord has thrown some really massive, unprecedented concessions and discounts our way for not just this year, but for the next couple years, and it will enable us to solve a ton of problems and make things run more smoothly. ...

    To be super-clear: Our future dates after this one are still contracted for their normal usual early January dates, and we do not anticipate any changes to them at this point. We think this was a one-time deal and extremely unlikely to happen again.

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    So this is 100% confirmed & I can act accordingly?

    Also, repeatedly thanks to the kind person who gave me earplugs. Hopefully the construction will be done by next year ^_^
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  • So this is 100% confirmed & I can act accordingly?

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