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Request for Comments re Otakon's Artist's Alley

edited February 2006 in Conventions
We're putting together a special episode of GeekNights regarding the changes to the Artist's Alley policy at Otakon. We've got some fantastic guests lined up, and we're looking for any commentary you may have.

Give us a call at 206-333-1537 or send us an audio email at if you have something to say!


  • you'll probably want to give more then 8 hours ahead of time word that your looking for comment or audio being that most of that time people are at work. If your looking for people to try and give you audio.
  • Umm, I'll note that we're doing -another- episode on this soon, and that's the one for which I'm looking for commentary. The show posted last night was just part 1, which we wanted to get out ASAP.
  • Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that you can mention my name on the podcast if reference to the stuff I post on the forum.
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