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Aldnoah.Zero Discussion

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Figured I may as well start a discussion about the show even if this is my first time making one. Anyone else currently watching it? And to start off, that soundtrack! What do you all think?
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  • Nope, what's up with it? What's it about?
  • Essentially, it's about earth going to war with people who live on mars. Except, having vastly more advanced technology, the martian machines destroy earth combat mechs easily. So it's more of an extermination. Join our hero's who have to outsmart and out maneuver them in order to survive. All while searching for a way to turn the tide.
  • I hate the art style but the plot is interesting so far. The idea that the protag has an ASD is interesting if unconfirmed. I'll give it a little while to really grab me at least.
  • I wasn't really hooked on the first episode. It was obvious the assassination was done by the martians themselves just so they could blame it on earth to go to war. And I just know the princess wasn't really killed. With the martians superior firepower they should have take over earth years ago.
  • With Israel's superior firepower they should have glass parking lotted Gaza by now.

    There's lots of reasons a people with massive military capability might not use it.
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    You're right. Thing is the 'martians' don't even view themselves as human but as some new superior species. Their Emperor from what I gathered is treated like a God. They are also not beholden to any other government. They rule a whole planet. Why there was even a truce to begin with and the conspiracy to go to war. Just fell flat for me.
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  • I'm not sure why the martians consider themselves so removed from Earth after only being gone for 15 years. That part is annoying. I like the protagonist being smart and solving issues with physics.

    I've been keeping up with Akame ga Kill as well as AZ. I like both.
  • According to the wiki the empire was shortly founded after 1972. But your right it's still annoying. It's not like several generations have past since it's founding.
  • There's an awful lot of ideological superiority and racism in the Middle East, too. Still no glass parking lots.

    15 years seems like a short time but if they have super advanced everything it doesn't seem TOTALLY crazy that they'd develop a pretty good superiority complex in that time. What were you like in 1999?
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    I'm not sure I agree with your Middle east analogy. The martians don't share the same borders they aren't on the same continent they are on a whole other planet. They view themselves as a superior species. They had no qualms in the first episode about annihilating entire cities. The first war only ended because the martians lost a means of hypergating to earth. First episode should have been. We are back. Bow down to us puny earthlings.
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  • muppet said:

    What were you like in 1999?

    Playing D&D and Magic. Maybe watching a little too much anime. Oddly enough, I'm just getting back into those things. Time is funny.

    I see what you're getting at with this, but I still think 15 years is a bit quick. It think aging the Dr & Lieutenant (people who where in the first war) into there 60s and saying it was 40 or 50 years ago would be easier to swallow. The other characters could still be the same age.

    I actually do like that the Mars Knights aren't 16.

  • They wiped out cities after finally having a politically expedient excuse for doing so. Previously they hadn't had one. Middle East is full of superiority complexes and genocidal rhetoric, is what I was getting at. This plot that you think is contrived is actually pretty true to life. Well, except for the giant robots and Martians and all..

    15 years could definitely divide a culture into two.

    Definitely agree that it's a breath of fresh air that the Mars Knights aren't evil high schoolers, but then again, they're the antagonists. All the heroes? High schoolers (or close). ;-)

    I actually laughed out loud during RideBack when I realized the protags are all in COLLEGE. Heh. :)
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    Just watched episode 2. Was right about the princess. The 2nd in command killing off the assassination martian team was also predictable. The disparity in power is laughable. A force field that deflects anything the earth military can throw at them AND they can phase through matter. This should all be wrapped about by the next episode.
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  • (Spoiler Alert)

    I just love how Aldnoah Zero's combats are more tactically/strategically oriented as opposed to being just downright aggression. It's quite refreshing especially since 98% of fighting anime are mostly about brute force and less about out-thinking the foe.

    I like to think of the show as David vs. Goliath with GIANT ROBOTS!
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