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How to Love and Hate Tabletop Games

How to Love and Hate Tabletop Games

PAX Prime 2014

How do I get into tabletop gaming? How do I talk about board games I like? How about the ones I hate? How do I find more I want to play? How do I avoid those that would waste my time? How do I preserve my hard earned dollars? Join this expert panel as they get into the details you need and want to know about board games – from how to talk like a board game enthusiast to criticize them and find a critic you like.

Moderated by:

Jon Bolding

Senior Tabletop Editor

The Escapist


Luke Crane - Games Specialist - Kickstarter

Donna Prior - Professional Game Evangelist - Green Ronin

Christopher Badell - Design Director - Greater Than Games

Rym - Producer - GeekNights

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