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GeekNights Wednesday - Blue Blazes

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about Blue Blazes (Aoi Honō - アオイホノオ). If you know the basic history of aniem and manga, you'll probably really, really enjoy it. In the news, Rym is sort of enjoying The Adventures of Gumball, and a second season of Yowapeda is coming in October! Rym is lecturing at PAX AUS! Scott is dying of terbuculic whooping cough!

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  • Those arcades do still exist, and they make Barcade look like shit. Your best bet is Yestercades in NJ. They have a Red Bank location which I can completely vouch for. Perfect mix of not a ghost town, yet not overcrowded (and no drunks). They have a good selection, including rare stuff. Last time I was there they had a working Baby Pac-Man. Yestercades now has a second location in Somerville, but I haven't been.

    There is also always the Silverball Museum in Asbury Park, which I am in love with. They have 200 pinball machines, and 20 or so classic arcade machines (just the hits), but it's also got the perfect crowd level, and you can't beat their $10 "play all you want from 5PM-1AM" pass.
  • Attack on titan second season has been confirmed to be in production recently so it'll probably summer season of 2015. At least there are a few OVAs out. Right now the attack on titan fandom is freaking out over the trailer for Levi's spin off OVA and how nice it looks.
  • I spend a not insignificant amount of time at the Pinball Wizard Arcade in my hometown. It is legit.
  • Just watched episode 11, the final episode.

    It blazed.
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