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Dammit Texas/Florida


  • Is it too late to propose a law segregating church, state, and Texas?
  • Hey now! Florida hasn't done anything stupid in that article.
  • Ruffas said:

    Hey now! Florida hasn't done anything stupid in that article.

    It's Florida. Just give them a day or two. They're always good for a doozy.
  • Why wait that long? Florida Man is always there for you.
  • Everytime I feel like "Hey Florida, Texas, or Arizona look like great places to go start a business making airplanes, plus I can shoot my guns, never see snow more than 10 minutes a year, have cool places to visit within a day's drive, and I could afford to live on my own!" I see articles that remind me they aren't exactly panaceas.

    Colorado seems OK still. Good enough for HST, good enough for weed if I was gonna do that deal... but it still has some snow issues in places.
  • Every state has tradeoffs. However not all tradeoffs are equal and some are more easily avoided/worked around than others.

    State has bad public education? Send your kids to private school.
    State is real bad with civil rights? Don't live there.

    This is part of the reason so many people raise a family in one state and then retire in another.
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    I can confirm that Texas is horrible. I live in Austin, and it's like a bastion of decency in a never-ending sea of uber-conservativism and frustration.

    Edit: Though San Antonio isn't TOO bad if you avoid the multitudes of retired elderly.
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  • Florida is not bad at all if you avoid anything north of Orlando and south/west of Jacksonville. Miami is a different country all together, and Tallahassee is a shit show for different reasons than the rest of Florida (3 colleges in a town that would have otherwise been a governmental suburb).
  • Seriously Texas, WTF.

    And the Texas politicians that took it seriously (pretended to, I hope) can EABOD.
  • The thing is, they don't need to make up conspiracies to be concerned about the military forces being used against us citizens. Just look at the militarization of the police forces, and the military being brought in during recent riots, and some of the shit that went down during Katrina. Oh wait, those all mostly dealt with black people so I guess they're not worried about that.
  • I actually knew the person from this proto-Florida-man story, but I left Florida in '95 and lost touch. Little did I know..
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