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GeekNights Tuesday - Pandante

Tonight on GeekNights, we review Pandante, which is far more fun than it has any right to be. It distills the interesting/fun parts of Texas Holdem and is an excellent social/starter game. Floosh. Before that, Rym has some praise for Five Nights at Freddy's (it is easily the most stressful game he has ever played), and Smash Brothers is finally coming for the 3DS.

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    You don't have a floosh...
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  • Especially when your first bet was saying you had a PAIR after the flop and 2 of the 3 cards on the flop were the same color.
  • My friends and I attempted to beat Five Nights at Freddie's by swapping people out when they got too scared to think rationally. This ended in a room full of scared people and then we died.
  • I vote Scott record/ stream a playthrough of Five Nights at Freddie's.

    Be he man or mouse?
  • Man. I really want to play Pandante again. PAX South. Must wait. Oh yeah. I got my schtick for that.

    Hope you guys actually watch poker/card movies. Oh well. It will still be awesome.
  • Yeah I want to learn this game. Get me in on that at PAX South.
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    Wrong thread, nothing to see here.
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  • A fixed version of poker is something I've wanted to play for a long time. I have a story almost identical to Scott's, where I folded every time. The only difference is I came second in the tournament, not first. But while it was amusing to outlast others who considered themselves good poker players (and I was an admitted amateur), the process wasn't exactly fun.

    That said, I actually very much enjoy watching high level poker on TV, especially when it is tightly edited. And raising the ante as each player is eliminated, or at a set interval, makes people play hands rather than folding each time.
  • Playing Scott when he is sleepy results in some of the best rounds of Pandante because he's not on full gaming mode and can call him on his BS increased bets to where he giggles uncontrollably that results in more laughter.

    I still need to buy the game. We played with Penceos's deck and our chips. I kind of want to get the deluxe edition with the chips. They have cool panda theme art on them.
  • Coldguy hooked me up with a case that's almost, but not quite the right size for the cards. But it does hold just enough chips for a 6-player game of Pandante.
  • Amazon has a lot of poker chip sets listed, and none of them are clearly the best.
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    Well, chips are pretty much chips, dude, if you're not talking casino quality. Most clay, ceramic or clay composite chips that are ten-ish grams, and have a colour scheme and markings or art that you like should be about as good as it's worth getting.

    BUT, if you're dead set on getting Casino-quality chips, then there's three options worth looking at - The Blue Chip company, Atlantic Standard Molding, and GPI international(Who own Paulson, which are the suppliers of most US casino chips.) Between the three of them, that's basically everyone who has ever supplied casino quality chips to, well, casinos - though ASM doesn't anymore, I think.

    The two easiest to get would be ASM(who have their own site, where you can buy casino quality sets, though the price is pretty high), or you can order from BCC's site.

    To be honest, I'd recommend the Venerati chips from BCC. They're right weight, right feel, right size, they're cheaper than most other composite chips, and the only thing holding them back from being genuine we-use-these-in-actual-casinos casino quality (Which can run you up to a buck a chip) is the ceramic composition, because they're aimed at the home market, where chips don't have to put up with day-in-day-out handling and abuse essentially 365 days a year.
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  • Those Venerati chips are relatively cheap compared to other chips of such a high quality level. That being said, it's a lot of money. For the same money you can get like, a bunch of board games.
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    Apreche said:

    Those Venerati chips are relatively cheap compared to other chips of such a high quality level. That being said, it's a lot of money. For the same money you can get like, a bunch of board games.

    Thus the problem with casino quality chips - they're really fucking expensive. Actual casino grade, you can easily blow 400 bucks on a 2 or 3 hundred chip set.

    I didn't math out the price to check if it's lower, but if you're looking for a set that's not quite as nice at the Venerati chips, but still super nice, you could try a set of 200 Scrolls chips from ASM. They're still extremely high quality, and you'd be hard-pressed to tell much of a quality difference between them and the Veneratis without one in each hand. They're pretty nice.
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  • I spent ~$40 on Da Vinci chips... half was in a cheap plastic case I got from Target years ago (25 Red, 25 Blue, 25 Green, 25 Black). The other half was buying 50 Red chips and 50 White chips from Amazon. They're ceramic, they have consistent quality, you can count them easily, and they're a good compromise between plastic and clay chips.
  • I have this...




    and this...


    I can bring to south if it will help.
  • The key is to have a poker case with a large area for the deck of cards AND have an open space for all of the player aids. Thinking a custom job on a wider foam case would be the way to go.
  • I love an episode where both hosts are passionate about the subject. You just sold me on this game, that I have never heard of.
  • I love an episode where both hosts are passionate about the subject. You just sold me on this game, that I have never heard of.

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    Challenge my Floosh. I dare you!


    I kind of want to make a shirt of this.
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  • Had some good Pandante last night. It was a slow start because...

    multiple people playing didn't know and had never played poker.
  • I might need to get this game...
  • The rabbit has like shark teeth who the fuck invented this children's amusement?
  • I'm still not sure that Scott derives joy from anything. He sounds excited at times, but maybe he's just affecting an emotion.

    I saw a quick clip of Five Nights at Freddy's, though, and it wasn't really scary. I will agree with Scott that some of the conceits are BS.
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