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I'm just going to make a thread so we don't crowd the hype thread. Especially since the game is already out :P


  • Hype. Hype. Hype.

    However, my game time will diminish when Borderlands Pre-sequel comes out next week.
  • Woot!

    I am normally online between 7am and 1130 am EST.
  • So can you actually get Asc Shards from dismantling Iron Banner gear? I can't find anything about it on forums. I only checked two though.
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    Unknown at this time.

    At this point my Warlock has maxed out Voidwalker and is about 60% through Sunsinger. My Hunter has maxed out Bladedancer and is 45% through Gunslinger. My Titan is 60% through Striker. Levels are 27/27/26.

    My Hunter needs to do Strikes (exotic bounty) and Warlock needs fusion kills In Nightfall strikes.

    Otherwise I grab the daily bounties and try to go gold on one public event per character every day.

    My Titan needs legendary gloves but otherwise all my guys are sporting legendary or better armor and rare or better guns. I have no problem helping you level up a sub 20 character because I need green or better armor to scrap for resources.
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  • I should spend some time on my other chars but I still need to at least get my Hunter to 27. I've been trying to grind crucible rep but I sorta gave up on Vanguard for now and am putting points into FWC. I'm going through Blade Dance right now and I have two or so skills left on Gunslinger but I mostly only use GS to do PvE since BD is fantastic for PvP. I will actually start needing to add stuff into my helm since though so I'll be doing some strikes and whatnot.
  • Cheating is of course always the best strategy in any game.

  • I really hope Bungie figures out where to go with this game.

    Right now most folks are focused on level 30. The problem with that is that there only exists one set of armor (raid gear) that will get you to level 30. Not only that but raid armor is geared towards the raid in which you find it, the bonuses mostly apply to the raid which makes that armor less useful outside of the raid. You can reach 29 with one exotic and three legendaries and I think that should be a better focus.

    The Iron Banner event is a more deadly PvP mode but the rewards are effectively the same as the vanguard armor with cosmetic differences. Although they are much cheaper, hopefully we can scrap them for shards.

    I know one of Bungies goals was to make each rare item truly rare and worthy of a story and memory for the player but... Not working so well. While earning my Pocket Infinity is a lengthy process it is not memorable other than in the "I have to grind what now?" Sense.

    The game is still tons of fun to play but I wonder if Bungie has a clue as to what this game could have been.
  • I am NeoNimbus on PSN, playing on a PS4. I play for an hour or so before work, but Fri, Sat, and Sun nights from 11 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. PST are usually the best times to reach me along with the occasional Thursday. If you are playing on a Playstation 4, add me please!
  • More fun tonight with Steve. Thanks for showing me the farming areas of Mars.


    Yes. I got into another one with a Sunsinger Warlock to kill an elite Psion. We used back to back Radiances and used grenades every other second along with Scorch melee. Took maybe 20 seconds to take him down.

    Warlocks duos. Kinda OP.
  • Any time. Did you get kicked to orbit too while we were on Mars too?
  • Nope. I did a few more missions then went to Earth.
  • After spending a few hours with Rochelle last night grinding out fusion rifle kills I wake up to find that Bungie is gimping my new Pocket Infinity.
  • Played through the Vaul of Glass tonight with a good crew... Got... Chatterwhite.
  • Cool. I have no idea about that place or weapons. I need to find a group.
  • Tried to do the Nightfall for the first time. Failed miserably.
  • What level are you?
  • 27 but I still had blue weapons all around. Power leveled a Titan to 22 today (already had exotic and legendary gear) and with the help of NeoNimbus finished out the lvl 22 weekly so now I have the Suros from Xur. I also got a pack of engrams right after which had The Comedian shotgun in it now so I'm definitely sitting better than I was.
  • Hit it with me. All three of my guys are 28/29.

    I was soloing the daily story on lvl 28 yesterday, got almost to the end and booted to orbit?!!!
  • Two more trophies to platinum. I just need the triple play in the crucible (going to be a while, enemy teams always have 5 hunters.) After that I just need flawless raider which will be tough due to bugs and glitches that force you to wipe.

  • This might put me over the threshold to fork over money.
  • I am so going to try that.
  • ThatGent said:

    Sparrow Surfin' Video
    This might put me over the threshold to fork over money.

    I tried that today after I got home from work pretty neat.

  • Ran the hard raid up to Atheon. Glitches kept killing us. Finally stopped.

  • 35 minute rant about how Destiny is random & repetitive BS
  • Seems weird to do a long rant when you could simply not bother playing it.
  • The game is very repetitive. Know what else is repetitive? Sex.

    Repetition in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing. The core gunplay of Destiny is very fun. Where everything in the game truly breaks down is the lack of an economy and the complete randomness of loot drops.

    If players were able to trade gear with each other the randomness would be tolerable. "You got your third set of raid boots and I have none? Here, I will trade you this raid gun that have received three times."

    I believe Destiny lacks a trade system because it has such a small amount of content. Once you acquire all of the raid loot there is little reason to raid again. Same goes for all of the other missions in the game. If players were allowed to trade gear I would have stopped playing a while ago. Instead I do the weekly raid with my friends and we laugh about how player A has received the raid boots almost every week but never the gloves. We then laugh about how player B keeps getting the raid gloves but not the boots!

    The game is far from perfect but the Iron Banner event pulled me back in because it has a non-random loot system where after earning enough reputation a special vendor will sell me raid level boots and gloves. Two of my three characters need boots and/or gloves. So I do the event with only those two. The third needs a chest piece so I only use him once a week on the raid.

    One of the biggest problems with the game is that the devs will go overboard trying to fix PvE "exploits" while ignoring all of the bugs in the game. When they fix the perceived exploits they introduce more bugs into the game. It's almost like some ten year old kid is in charge of the game and gets pissed when players figure out clever ways to defeat his minions. "What, you want to shoot the evil guy while he is monologuing? Hmmm... Better add an invisible force field. What, you want to use the enemy sniper perches to snipe the boss? Sorry, those perches are now off the map kill zones but enemy snipers can still spawn there and because the perches are off limits any loot that gets dropped out there is also off limits!!!"
  • I will never play a loot-driven persistent multiplayer game ever again. Borderlands 1 was enough.

    It's variable reinforcement schedule bullshit. Fuck that noise. ;^)
  • Seems weird to do a long rant when you could simply not bother playing it.

    I guess he's expressing buyer's remorse.

    Me personally, I saw this coming, I didn't buy Destiny. Played my friends copy to confirm my suspicions.

    Star Citizen anyone?
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