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GeekNights Wednesday - Anime We Never Reviewed

Tonight on GeekNights, as we struggle to watch enough new anime to warrant serious reviews in a timely fashion, we talk about some of the bigger shows we've, for various reasons, never actually reviewed. Roughly: Kaze no Yojimbo, Nadesico, KOR (Kimagure Orange Road), Marmalade Boy, Fushigi Yugi, Inu Yasha, Kodocha, MKR (Magic Knight Rayearth, Lodoss War, AMG (Ah My Goddess!), and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Conqueror of Shamballa.

In the news, Saturday Morning Cartoons are dead and Mathew Klickstein, now (thankfully) kicked out of presenting at the New York Comic Con, revealed through his bizarre and racist rant in a recent interview just how, well, racist he is.

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  • The example of "kids in the 80's watched Saturday morning cartoons because they didn't have Netflix" isn't even going far enough. A sizable portion of the country didn't even have cable.

    Interestingly enough, NBC still runs a block of cartoons from 10AM-1PM, which only partially overlaps with the core "Saturday morning cartoon" hours of yore. The shows they run are a "greatest hits" collection from the cable channel Sprout, which is a joint PBS-NBC venture (that is by far the best programming for young children).

    These shows are all aimed at the age 2-5 demographic, which seems to be the new hot territory. By time these kids are past age 5, they have become YouTube-savvy. I am 100% convinced that if you looked at development dollars, the amount of investment in programming for Nick Jr., Disney Jr., Sprout, and others has shot up over time in comparison to their parent channels.
  • Objective reviews? Anime fandom is obsessed with this, too?
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    As soon as you get off the strip at Vegas things get weird. The farther out you get the more shithole-y it gets. Like if you ever go to Vegas pretty much just never leave the strip. It's the most touristy, but its also the least amount of butts.

    Also there is most certainly Halloween in Australia. It's just not as big as it is in America.
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  • I live in Vegas. I would've given you guys a lift!

    Rio Casino also holds Defcon every year.
  • As a local, the touristy area is the shit hole. Lol!
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    I dunno man, maybe I've just been in the wrong places in Vegas, but that was the impression I got. But my girlfriend's brother and his wife as well as a good friend have (no longer do) lived there for a year or longer each and they both pretty much say the same thing. :P

    Maybe they're just used to Seattle though.

    Although the brother lived in Kansas City.

    Kansas City.

    EDIT: Actually my friend still does live there. Kinda wrote that weirdly but she's only been there for about a year doing hospitality stuff.
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  • Nadesico was a show I was obsessed with very early in my anime fandom. One of the first DVDs I bought was a random volume of it because they didn't have an earlier one in the series. It's a really fun show through the first half, and then it turns and gets very serious in the second half. The movie is a clunky disaster, sadly.
  • you can now watch Nadesico on Youtube. They have up to episode 8 subtitled so far
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