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Forum threads you never read, etc

There are some long running forum threads I never read. There are others I always read, because I'm interested in the topic. There are other forum threads about stuff I have no interest in or knowledge about, but end up reading all the posts anyway, and I can't explain why.

I never read:
Metal - which is weird, because I'm often on the lookout for new music. 1.3k unread!
Depression and stuff - not to come off as insensitive, but I don't want to read about depression and stuff. The fail thread is often as much negativity I can face in a single day.
What Have You Been Listening To? - nope.
MANGA! - not my thing.
Real Life Cooking Mama: Share Your Cooking Projects! - I think I've clicked on this thread twice. I should love this, because I cook all the time. I think I have an irrational reaction against real life cooking being presented as a version of something that happens in a computer game.
Building A Computer - yawn.
What anime are you watching? v2.0 - 2.7k unread. I simply don't watch anime.
What's going on with my computer? (The computer help thread) - the LMGTFY thread, right?
Beer Beer! - I don't drink beer.

I don't care about but end up reading:
Kickstarter - having never kickstarted anything in my life.
Android: Netrunner - never played Netrunner, no idea about the cards, have almost zero interest in reading the rules.
Video Game News and Discussion - even though I play, on average, one new video per year.
... and a few others which aren't in the first few most recently update pages.

How about you?


  • I've never read this thread until just now.
  • I never read the Saarkesian or Gun Control threads, even though I founded them.
  • There's actually a lot of threads I don't click on. Pretty much anything anime or TV related. Then some stuff I'm sorta interested in but it just updates so frequently with like side conversations I just don't care.

    Also you live in Germany and don't drink beer? How is that possible? Isn't that like a national law?
  • What's going on with my computer? (The computer help thread) - the LMGTFY thread, right?

    I have a hard time figuring out which threads I read or don't read because I somewhat frequently "Mark All Viewed." I do know there are quite a few threads that I somehow end up opening in a tab and the immediately closing.
  • Basically any "X of your Y" I could do without. They're not actively offensive or anything, it's just a little annoying to see 5 of the top 6 on the home page be fail of your thing of your derp of your booyah of the day. They all seem to me to be basically "good stuff" or "bad stuff".

    And Luke, Metal thread is best thread.
  • I pretty much only read the gaming and technology threads. I'll dive into others, like the boo-yahs, failing of boo-yahs, and shit talking stuff when I am in super procrastination mode.
  • I read all the threads, but I do not read all the posts.
  • I read hardly any threads but I especially stay away from the politics threads nowadays.
  • I stay away from politics pretty much altogether. I just don't have an opinion on "hot topics" that I stand behind strong enough to ever deal with voting or discussing my opinion.
  • Just on the front page, it's been a while since I've looked at:
    I;m Saddened.... (Board games) - I don't have a crew to play enough board games for me to...Care?
    Things of your day - I have so much time wasted on the internet already, I do not need your guys' help.
    Making Things With String - I am not an art.
    It's handegg season - Sports??????
    Random Images - See Things of your day.
    The Random .gif Thread - Ditto.

    So, yeah.
  • Its weird when a thread I don't read a thread (Pop Sci thread) and then a spin off thread is made, and I'm like "well, something happened there..."
  • I accidentally clicked on the Building A Computer thread.
  • I accidentally clicked on this thread.
  • HMTKSteve said:

    I accidentally clicked on this thread.

  • I accidentally clicked on the Mark All Viewed link at the top of the main page :/
  • So far I've managed to not click on the 2016 Presidential thread. 1.3K unviews strong!
  • I've got you beat with 1.4k
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