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GeekNights Tuesday - Super Smash Brothers 3DS

Tonight on GeekNights, back from PAX Australia and resuming our regular schedule (as well as our ninth year of the show), we bring you our coverage of PAX Australis 2014, our review (and old-man talk) of and around Super Smash Brothers on the 3DS, discussion of cheating in tabletop tournaments, amazing competition at the Fantasy Flight world championships, Blizzard's Overwatch, Kotaku's unfortunate character count in the title of their recent article on it, and Five Nights at Freddy's 2.

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  • Regarding the expo hall- I feel like it would be better if the camera could be at eye height instead of nip height.
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    The ability to cancel your own attack animations is one reason God of War is so accessible. Pretty much any time you press a button, you get a reaction.

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  • My main is Ganondorf. I something wrong with that?
  • My main is Ganondorf. I something wrong with that?

    I main Mii brawler right now, but it feels a tad narcassistic. I'm okay with just about anything, though.
  • I'm learning Marth at the moment, my others are Ness, Little Mac (crazy good), and a little bit of regular/Dark Pit. Might try out Baby Bowser but I hate rolly characters.
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