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Which thread lets me shamelessly promote my game?

A while back I made a post looking for marketing help on DQI, this 600-page gamebook (think Choose Your Own Adventure but with D&D style dice fights) we made into a digital game.

I finally, after years and years, put the game on sale on Tuesday. Below is the marketing-y blurb:
DestinyQuest Infinite is a CYOA, Fighting Fantasy-style game for the web. It has over 600 pages of text, hundreds of monsters to fight, a virtual die-rolling combat system, a ton of loot to collect, three long acts to navigate and survive, dozens of quests to complete, illustrations, sound effects, and hours of reading/gameplay.
Demo. Anyone else working on anything?


  • Well, this one, apparently. Tell us more about your game.
  • Indeed. Well...I linked to the demo above, but basically it's an RPG in a book. The world is its own fantasy world, and you engage in combat encounters with dice. The original book was like, a pound (UPDATE: 15.5 ounces), and had all this stuff about poison abilities, dice swapping, magic and other skills. I think it's the largest English language gamebook by section count. Anyways, it's pretty big.

    When we did the digital version we built all that combat into the game and added some custom cards and art, and made it so you can save your game and play it from anywhere with web access. We had a contest so you could design your own card.

    We spent honestly, a ridiculous amount of time on getting it right (years longer than I planned).

    Our readers seem to like it but our audience is enthusiastic and tiny. I'm trying to figure out who might be interested in writing or reviewing it. Any suggestions?
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