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Steam adds region locking for currency-distressed regions (i.e., Russia).

Steam has now added region locking.

I doubt many of you have been paying attention, but the Russian currency has been collapsing, due to a combination of insanely low global oil prices and the very real effects of NATO sanctions over Crimea/Ukraine. There is consumer panic in Russia in the past weeks. Russia's emergency measures have failed, triggering even more fears.

We were talking about this quite a bit in the office yesterday, after some Forex indices warned that they would exclude Russia from trading or listing due to the extreme volatility and likely collapse.

Note that the region locks aren't like DVD regions. The whole world is an open zone, with 2-3 specific areas that are "walled off" and have their own Steam economies. You can buy games at zoned prices in Russia and neighboring nations, but you can't transfer those games to accounts outside of those regions.


  • People have apparrently been trying to set their Blizzard account to Russia to buy Hearthstone cards in rubles.
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    I'd buy that for a 60+ rubles!
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    I'd buy that for a 60+ 70 150 200 500 1000 40000 rubles!

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