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I've been wanting to design an RPG combat system for a while now, and finally pulled the trigger on RPG Maker VX Ace. I don't really want to make the whole game around it myself though, and since the people on the RPG Maker forum are weird and creepy I figured I'd ask you guys. Who wants to make an RPG?

The standard roles are more-or-less:
  • writer
  • scripter
  • mapper
  • pixel artist (if using custom art)
  • eventer (depending on environment used)
  • composer (if using custom music)
  • whatever you feel like helping with, as long as you're willing to work on a team
If you want in, leave a comment here with what you'd want to do and we'll see if we can get a team together!
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    I'll give it a shot. I've wanted to learn rpg maker a bit better. I could help with writing/editing, scripting. I dunno what eventer is. I've done some pixel art before but I'm not very good at it. My avatar is about as good as it gets. I'm not really good with musical composition either.
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  • I might be in depending on what the subject of the RPG is.
  • There needs to be an NPC or playable haughty elf named Rym who has a magical dancing raiper. And Apreche has to be grumpy gnome who is a blue mage or standard black mage.
  • I can probably do a bit of code if you need. Never used RPG Maker though.
  • You can put me down for sound effects.
  • Ah. When I suggested I was interested in this, I honestly thought it would be a tabletop game.

    Also, you're doing this all wrong. You need to say:

    "I am making a game. With or without your help or input, this game will be made. However, if you'd like to help, I'd love it and be eternally grateful! So here are the jobs that need doing, so if you're interested in helping me make a game..."

    And then you need to get us enthusiastic about helping with YOUR game.

    Unless you become the leader and ultimate authority on this project, it will die before page 2. Really.
  • I'm in for writing.
  • What's the core vision for this RPG?
  • I doubt I'll have any free time to work on something like as I'm working on my own game, but depending on the timeline, maybe scripting or music composing.
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