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Knife and Weapon Attacks

So I recently came upon this video, that proved to be extremely informative. It's part 2 of a 2 part series, but this is the practical side of defence which I feel people should at least know the basics about.

I did Kali, which is an indonesian martial art that makes use of kickboxing and weapons. I remember the knife lesson focusing very heavily on where to attack, and how to reverse situations where people try to take the knife away from you. A lot of priority goes at maiming the arterial areas of the arm, shoulder and armpit. I feel that knife attacks in pop culture, especially in anime, fail to adequately portray the amount of strength and killing intent that one has to go through in order to seriously hurt someone. Even cloth material like Light denim adequately deadens half measured slashing and slicing approaches, and you gotta really put your hip and arms into slashing someone to do any damage, hence why stabbing/ going for the arms, is preferred.

Just kind of curious if any of you guys handled with or know how to handle situations where weapons might be involved.

Also this channel has a great many breakdowns and experiments with weapons old and new. I particularly enjoy their series about types of shields, and the techniques used by the saxons and vikings.


  • I kinda feel like if someone really wants to stab you, prison style, you're pretty fucked. Sure you could possibly disarm someone who might threaten you with a knife if you know what you're doing but if they went out with the intent to hurt you, there isn't much you can do.
  • Yeah, you might have a chance if this is some random encounter and you can see it coming, but if someone really wants to murder you, you're fucked.
    Someone pulls a knife: hit em or do what they say
    Someone pulls a gun: grab the gun or do what they say
    Someone tries to beat you up: Whup that ass
  • Yeah, while a mugger might stab/shoot/punch you it wasn't their goal. Because they'll generally present the weapon in some way, there is a chance you could disarm them or otherwise fight back. Some dude that really has it out for you probably won't give you enough time to react.

    I still think a decoy walled with a couple $20's and some old ID's and random cards is a good option, but the problem is that if we make that a common enough tactic, the bad guys will just catch on.
  • Does claiming to have a contagious blood borne illness still work?
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    As a listener of Fast Karate for the Gentlemen, I felt I needed to make this call back.
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  • Just hangin out.
  • Just hangin out.

  • Just hangin out.

  • As a listener of Fast Karate for the Gentlemen, I felt I needed to make this call back.

    If I was unable to kill this guy, I would be ashamed of myself. I mean, what was that video meant to prove?
  • Its making fun of the 21 foot rule guy. Its not meant to prove anything. He's in on the joke.
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    Oh you mean that rule that if someone is more than 21 feet away, you somehow can't shoot them before they can knife you?
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  • Yeah, though generally its 21 feet or less. People take it that way but really the intent was that police officers should be careful because someone with a knife could stab them first. People make it into a bigger issue than it is because if police already have their guns drawn then they'll probably shoot the bad guy just fine, and on the off chance a normal person is threatened with a knife it probably won't be some random dude running 21 feet to stab them.
  • I love how there are people using a TV show clip of why the "21 foot rule" is important. Yet the show if making fun of it too.
  • Oh you mean that rule that if someone is more than 21 feet away, you somehow can't shoot them before they can knife you?

    This is the og video.

    You gotta move.
  • You gun guys gotta keep moving.
  • I like how he says "you gun guys" as if being a knife guy would somehow be superior if a crazy person ran out from behind a tree swinging a sword at you.
  • That dude runs like he's got 21 feet, and he's not used to about 20 of them.
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