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XP Fest (2015)

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Hi everyone, this is a necro thread under a different name. The origional one is here: VGFF 2015, however since we have rebranded and made huge strides since then it is time for a new bit.

So first off you can go and buy tickets and hotel rooms at, we are almost out of hotel rooms so if you are on the fence I recommend at least getting that first.

In addition we have Event Submissions open for panels, running RPGs, playing music with a band, etc. Fill out the form and mention you are a part of the FRC, since I get to choose (with commitee) who is in and out.

We are going for a middle ground between Confrence and a convention in terms of events. So think Connection minus all the Q&A, Ask A (blank), and other fan service events. Here is a video of Jason (XP Fest head) talking about it.

(Just in case the time code doesn't carry over the discussion starts at 6:53 and ends at 22:15)

We have a storage unit with so many monitors it will make your head spin, including a 30" CRT HD Flat screen TV. We have been canvasing various businesss in the CT, NY, MA area with flyers at all the gaming stores we can find. I have been working on an inventory based system to keep track of everything (Inventory Droid) and will be testing a check in/out system later this week at Unpub 5.

Oh plus it will have all my board games (151 including expansions) and over 800 video games from various consoles.

So TLDR, buy a badge, get a hotel room, submit a panel or more, and hope to see some of you there.
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  • Had a high staff meeting and discussed floor plans, the good news is that the room has more then enough space and going to do some pretty creative things with it for the big event.

    Also it is soon time to go into scheduling, so as a reminder for those who did not submit, enter it in today. It can be a panel, a rolepkaying session, a musical show, or something else, let me know.

    I will be sending emails out to people soonish for this so get ready!
  • In a not so subtle attempt to promote XP Fest we just released a game on Greenlight called Baywick!

    It is nothing more then a clicker game in an RPG setting. I helped in making it as addicting as possible with the inclusion of the pachinko and slot machine mechanic while Jason built the game, here is a video about it.

    You can vote for it here or just play it right now.
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