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I just discovered IndieBox today, and it's a pretty neat service that you may want to check out.

It's similar to LootCrate, where they send you something random in the mail each month, but this service has its own unique spin on it--they send you full games made by independent developers. Additional contents include the box, a physical copy of the game (including a Steam key), the game manual, the soundtrack, and other additional merch relating to the game.

Here's a review if you wish to see what it's like.


  • This and lootcrate have a really scammy vibe to me.
  • This and lootcrate have a really scammy vibe to me.

  • It's a vibe. My skeptic-spidey-sense tingles.
  • I see these as ways for manufacturers to get rid of crap no one wants to buy.
  • Plenty of people buy it. It's just like a sample pack. One of my buddies at Astro goes in with a few people on a sub and they split it up. They get some cool stuff.
  • This and lootcrate have a really scammy vibe to me.

    They're not scams. You pay them for stuff, they give you stuff. It's business.
  • Might also be the fact that every second rate cosplayer on Facebook is pushing these things.
  • The front page makes it look like you get several games at once but judging by the past boxes you just get one game a month :/
  • Oh no, now you'll only have one psuedo-retro procedurally generated 16-bit-alike game a month to play instead of several.
  • Well, when I usually buy several of them in humble bundles for like $5 it becomes harder to justify paying $20 for an individual game.
  • Was going more for mild annoyance at the current trends of the indie scene, but yes, fair enough.
  • Just watched the video review and... meh... Looking at their back catalog of indie games I don't see anything that I would want to spend $20 on, even with the bonus loot.

    The steam key worries me only because I was recently burned by the Wasteland 2 kickstarter. I was told that the physical copy would be DRM free but it requires steam (and a steam key) to install from disc. They say you don't need steam to play it after installation but... installation DRM is DRM.
  • Well I would think it would be like the humble store where you get the DRM free version and then a steam key in addition.
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