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See our panel at PAX East!

Come see us at PAX East 2015! We've got an awesome panel called What is Losing?!

What is Losing
Friday, March 6th
Bumblebee Theatre

The point of a game is to win. Or is it? Can you "win" Gone Home or The Stanley Parable? Is losing a game of Dwarf Fortress the same as losing a game of chess? Why is Super Meat Boy's difficulty exciting, while Silver Surfer's is painful? Does one lose Monopoly due to player skill, or because you flipped the table? What if we played games that focused not on the "narrative of victory," but instead on the "narrative of failure?" Do games need to have a way to "lose" in the first place?

Afterward, we will be able to answer some questions in the hall and hang out with you guys before we head back to Tabletop Freeplay!

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