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GeekNights Tuesday - Games at PAX South 2015

Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about some of the games we played at PAX South 2015! Navegadore, Sheriff of Nottingham, Doom, USCMC, Bring Your Own Book, Real Money Gampling (Cordial Minuet), Videoball (a breakout game: mark our words), and Starr Mazer.

Beyond that, Scott's been playing a bunch of Skeleton Clicker (released as Diablo 3 in the US) and Rym's been playing Five Nights at Freddy's 3. Don't forget to come see our panel at PAX East 2015 this weekend!

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  • I, too, still have my cordial minuet dollar. I don't think I will spend it.

    Mac Gerdts (aka the rondel guy) recently released Antike II. I haven't played Antike, but I've enjoyed Imperial 2030, Navegador (obviously), and Concordia.

    That USCMC game. We were the chickenshittest.

    We also played Roll for the Galaxy, but Scott is one of like 2-3 people that hasn't enjoyed that game. :P
  • The room got pretty salty half way into the panel and turned around by the end (when they got the point).
    Also that one guy who was sad that you didn't like Silver Surfer.
  • Things that would make Rym very happy: saw the Adventure Time 3DS game in its new retail home: the $5 and under bin.

    Did you guys actually play VivaJava: The Dice Game? It was up there in the "bad tabletop Kickstarter games" pic. Wasn't sure if you had meant to show the original VivaJava, or if you were also prepared to shit on the dice game version. It's not "oh man best dice game ever!" but it passes the test of not just being a Yahtzee clone. It's in a territory where I would definitely play it again, but never intend to purchase. Surely, there are worse tabletop Kickstarters!
  • VivaJava: The Dice Game is pretty fun (Anthony taught me this weekend). At least, it doesn't suffer from competitive/cooperative analysis paralysis like its big brother. I am 90% sure that was just the first GIS result for "VivaJava".
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    The one day it was out at our game group, we were playing on a board where one of the abilities let you push someone else up a research track. It was very satisfying to max out another player's track in a counter-intuitive manner, handing them a nice VP reward, but taking away their re-roll powers in the process. They stalled out pretty hard.

    I feel like I've been continuously burned by Dice Hate Me games, where I will playtest their games, see a bunch of potential, and then be let down by the final rulebook and fiddliness. Anecdotal evidence that this one is better than DHMG's average game is that it's their first title to get picked up by a major German publisher for European distribution. And check out that fresh box art: image
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  • We did a long walkthrough of the Expo Hall, but this time in 4k!

  • "Rym and Scott can eat a dick. GeekNights sucks. Fuck that podcast. Ass" - Ro
  • Lol. I was wondering if you were gonna put that in there.
  • Rochelle said:

    Lol. I was wondering if you were gonna put that in there.

    How could I not?

    I forgot we did that until I was looking through the footage pulling out the good stuff. It was too good to just leave on the cutting room floor.

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