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GeekNights Tuesday - XCOM: The Board Game Review

Tonight on GeekNights, we properly review XCOM: The Board Game having played it again outside of PAX. We also now have a proper review of Red7 and a confirmed positive opinion on Navegadore. Tomorrow is ruin the Internet day, so don't prank anyone unless it's actually a good prank. Also, come see us live at Anime Boston 2015!

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  • "This is like Rip Van Winkle waking up and playing video games for the first time."
  • I am down for buying a timeshare in the geek cabin in the woods. Also sorry for making you not win, I came in second with the whole not sailing technique.
  • pence said:

    "This is like Rip Van Winkle waking up and playing video games for the first time."

    This is "I wanna be the guy" for him.
  • I love that Scott's mind immediately took your words and translated them into shoving a halibut through someone's rectum.

    So many expansion ships announced for Armada already. If you are going to get in, better do it now. Splitting the cost is great if you've got a friend, since one of you can buy all the Imperial stuff moving forward and one of you buy the Rebel. I am not buying Armada, as sexy as it is, as my money is sunk in X-Wing. I am super salty about being a die roll away from winning another store championship this past weekend, but I don't need that stinkin' regional bye. I've been playing since late 2012 and I think I might get a good 5 years of competitive play out of it.

    You shouldn't have too much trouble finding people and space to play Armada in NYC. All of the stores have the capability to fit a few tables (it's just 2 X-Wing playmats squished together, and places like the Strat, 20 Sided, Brooklyn Strat, Brooklyn Game Lab, etc all can fit 8-10 X-Wing games, most of them side-by-side).

    The only trouble will be when you can play there. I'm sure there will be dedicated Armada time and tournaments at these shops but you have a life and a busy schedule, so who is to say if you could actually make it. You will also need to use Facebook, since for some reason all of the X-Wing pew-pew communities organize in groups there, and the Armada groups are either co-existing or branching off locally.

    For something with a size requirement of Armada, you may be best off renting table space at Nu Brand Gaming. People drop in there all the time and play X-Wing on their fancy tables.
  • My finger sits over the buy button for Armada as we speak, the best parts of me telling me to stay away, but the 12 year old me that dominates my purchasing WANTS IT SO MUCH.
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