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Podcast recommendations

Salut all, I am always looking for more podcast recommendations, the following is a list of podcasts I currently listen to (in no particular order) and I would recommend any of them if you haven't heard of them.

Penn's Sunday School
The Co-optional Podcast
The Titanium Physicists
The Tolkien Professor
Freakonomics Radio
Daily Tech News Show
Into the Nexus: The Heroes of the Storm Podcast
Current Geek
The Angry Chicken: A Hearthstone Podcast
Stuff You Should Know
Stuff You Missed in History Class
Common Sense with Dan Carlin
Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
Fast Karate for the Gentleman
Giant Bombcast

I drive for about 8-9 hours a day during the work week and am always on the lookout for more interesting and enjoyable podcasts. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions :)


  • If anyone suggests that you listen to a show called Friday Night Party Line, don't do it, it's terrible, the hosts are dumb, and one has a really stupid accent.
  • Yeah, he's from New Zealand or something.
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    They do another show called Acceptable Vices, too. FNPL is so bad, so I didn't listen to it, but I can only assume they spend every episode reviewing kinda-okay clamps.
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  • My Brother My Brother And Me has been one of my favorites for years. It's a comedy advice cast that also pulls from Yahoo Answers. It also has a couple of journalists from Polygon so you might recognize them.
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    The guys from My Brother My Brother and Me also do a podcast called The Adventure Zone. It's recorded sessions of them playing D&D. Griffin is the Dungeon Master. Justin, Travis and their dad Clint are the players. It's quite entertaining. The opening music for the podcast is great also.

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  • Most of the podcasts I listen to are ones most people here are familiar ones. Geeknights, Dave and Joel, A few twit podcasts, This American Life, Welcome to Night Vale. I also listen to The Thinking Atheist and Cognitive Dissonance. And on the opposite of those I sometimes download episodes of Coast to Coast AM that have been uploaded to Youtube. Its mostly crazy people but I still enjoy listening and I just generally skip the "Vaccines are evil" or other especially wackadoo episodes. I usually like the weekend or guest hosts better than George Noory. He usually panders to the guests too much while the others at least have some soft skepticism like "now are you sure it couldn't have been something else like X?"
  • Churba said:

    If anyone suggests that you listen to a show called Friday Night Party Line, don't do it, it's terrible, the hosts are dumb, and one has a really stupid accent.

    You really shouldn't make fun of @YoshoKatana like that.
  • Fresh Air
    Planet Money
    Reply All
    This American Life

    (I listen to a lot of NPR podcasts or NPR offshoots)
  • Anime world order
  • My favorite NPR podcast is Ask Me Another, a fun little pop culture trivia and puzzle show which often has JoCo as its musical cohost. The questions they ask are designed to be funny and almost everyone involved is some kind of geeky. I highly recommend it.

    The Greatest Movie Ever! is another fun podcast, though this one is about movies(with bonus episodes about anime and ponies). They mostly talk about for cult and B movies. Daryl Surat and Dave and Joel are semi regular co hosts.

    If you're a wrestling fan, you ought to be subscirbed to Live Audio Wrestling which discusses current week to week shows with the exception of Review A Wai, as well as the Attitude Era podcast, New Generation Project Podcast, and OSW Review, which does not have an RSS feed for its videos, but they can be downloaded easily from Vimeo and put on your phone. OSW Review loses something if you listen to it audio only without seeing the visuals ever.
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    I use stitcher for most of my podcast listening because I can set up "stations" to listen to a bunch of podcasts in order like a radio station. When I'm driving or doing some other task that requires me to be only doing that task (like doing the dishes), I just hit play and listen. Here are my stations:

    News and Shorts:
    NPR Hourly News Summary
    Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day
    The Loh Down on Science
    KCRW's Hollywood Breakdown
    Los Angeles Geo Traffic
    KCRW's Today's Top Tune
    Latest News from 89.9 KPCC
    Engines of our Ingenuity (KUHF)
    PRI's The World: Latest News
    KCRW's Opening the Curtain
    NPR: News
    StarDate Podcast
    NPR Shuffle Podcast
    APM Marketplace
    NPR Topics: Technology
    KCRW's DnA: Design & Architecture
    KCRW's Martini Shot

    Long, Smart Shows:
    Planet Money
    Pop Culture Happy Hour
    Stuff You Should Know
    Freakonomics Radio
    Ask Me Another
    Planet Money
    TED Radio Hour
    Farstuff: The Internet of Things
    The Dinner Party Download

    And, yes, I do listen to all of them at least once a week.
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    This is for Victor Frost

    I couldn't find a better thread to place this in.
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  • I look forward to getting to try all these podcasts :smiley:
  • Ice Cream Social

    A comedy podcast by two Las Vegas comedians. Featuring bits like Jock vs Nerd trivia and recurring guest Jacob the audio guy.
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    Inside The Locker - A hybrid geek/sports podcast that is super entertaining, where the hosts create unique, trivia challenges, while talking about the latest news in both worlds.

    Digital Noise
    - A DVD/Blu-Ray review show covering the newest releases, covering every kind of movie from wide releases, Criterion editions, straight-to-DVD shlock/surprises and foreign movies.

    SuperBestFriendsCast - If you like Two/Super Best Friends Play, then you probably already listen to this. It's a mix between random, funny discussions with the latest news in gaming. But what's real surprising with these LPers, is they actually know game design and talk about it frequently. (NSFW)

    Junkfood Cinema - A film podcast that gives tribute to the best and most bombastic of the B-Movie world. They sometimes do one film at a time or cover one actor per episode, but it's absolutely engrossing. This is real film passion.

    The Beerists - Beer Review Podcast that covers all styles possible with four diverse, entertaining hosts. They do shows centered around areas, breweries, styles, or what one host is really into at the moment. It's incredibly funny and the hosts have a very stinging, but loving relationship. (NSFW)
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  • Current podcasts!

    Two dudes talking:
    Hello Internet
    Roderick on the Line
    The Ihnatko Almanac
    Reconcilable Differences

    The Doug Stanhope Podcast
    Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast
    Berlin Comedy Podcast
    The Bugle

    Movies/Books/Games/Music/Popular Science:
    Reading Envy
    Kermode and Mayo Film Reviews
    The Incomparable
    Skeptics Guide to the Universe
    Top Four - very new, but I've got to the end of 3 out of 5 of the currently available
    Robot or Not

    Peter Day's World of Business

    Chequered Flag (BBC Formula 1 podcast)
    The Tennis Podcast

    Accidental Tech Podcast
    The Talk Show with John Gruber

    Depreciated/Defunct/Retired podcasts I still go back and listen to sometimes:
    A Life Well Wasted
    You Look Nice Today
  • The Giant Beastcast took a couple episodes to get its flow going, but it's now a solid weekly addition to the Giant Bombcast. Austin brings a more thoughtful approach to topics that I think folks here would like, but it also has the traditional Giant Bomb silliness.
  • A co-worker recommended I listen to Métis in Space and I am so thankful they did. This show is super chill, smart, funny (their "Ask a White Guy a Thing" segments are GOLD), and offers perspectives very rarely focused on in science-fiction circles (despite the abundance of indigenous characters, themes and motifs in sci-fi). I'm also told that starting in the second season, they start to incorporate a narrative element in as well, which I'm very much looking forward to hearing (currently on episode 5).
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