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Harvey Beaks

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Very rarely do I watch Nickelodeon anymore. Outside of Invader ZIM and Avatar, I've barely watched the network since it went downhill in 1998. Now I have a reason to tune back into the channel: Harvey Beaks, their newest addition as of this month. It's on every Sunday at 7PM.

It's a new series from C.H. Greenblatt, the creator of Chowder. It's about a group of animals who cause childlike and wacky antics in a vast forest. Unlike his previous series, this show has more heart and focuses on character development.

Harvey is a sweet-natured child who can often take his personality a little too far. His best friends, Fee and Foo, are a rascally pair of twins who share a strong bond. There are also many other characters who will likely be developed over time (only 4 weeks worth of episodes have aired so far, so it's still kind of early).

I highly recommend checking out this show. It's wonderful. If you're sick of Nick's overreliance on SpongeBob and like-minded shows, this is a breath of fresh air. Also, the music is catchy and the animation is breathtakingly gorgeous!

Check out the series here:
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