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GeekNights Thursday - Nuts



  • I was listening to this episode in bed while falling asleep and when Scott dissed on peanut brittle, I literally sat straight up and went downstairs to the computer to defend its honour. That is how much I like peanut brittle. :P

    I should clarify: brittle is awesome, but the best brittle is handmade. Even better if you can find it: handmade and still warm. Oh mans, so buttery, so sugary, such nice warm crunch~ :3 Highly suggest trying other nut brittles as well if the peanut kind doesn't do it for you. Kinds that are superior to the peanut brittle: cashew brittle, almond brittle, pecan brittle (not just good for pies!), and of course, walnut brittle. Also an interesting variant: chili garlic peanut brittle. You wouldn't think it, but chili and sweets blend surprisingly well, and the nuttiness adds a nice bit of savoriness to it.

    Anyway I'll shut up now. TL;DR: if you ever find a place that makes brittle by hand, I recommend you give it another try. Don't let the crappy Halloween brittle colour your judgment of all brittles.

    ...Okay, one last point: no love for the hazelnut? I remember hazelnut stuff being everywhere when I was in Germany. Loved it. Great with all kinds of dessert things.
  • Still not enough love for macadamias. Also you seem to undervalue cashews and almonds. I had amazing almonds the other day, the secret may have been freshness? A coworker said they were 'activated' which might be good somehow.

  • As a Melbournian who listens to geeknights (since your inaugural PAXAUS) I'm definitely in favor of you traveling across the globe to me.

    The Australian dollar is down a bit so that may help but I'm sure we could find you beds in Melbourne if you don't want to shell out for hotels. Also maybe you could switch to a rotating schedule only attending every second year.
  • Maybe I don't eat all that many peanuts but I prefer cashews over peanuts.
    I can't argue with pistachios, however they are cheaper here like Luke mentioned it depends on politics and trade agreements.
    Also I don't mind almonds, I won't have a huge amount I keep some for cooking and occasionally will eat a handful when I want a quick snack and don't have anything else are can't be bothered with anything that requires a spoon.
  • I trust prad's taste, on account of the fact that every time he's offered a beer and I've said "You choose", it was good beer.
  • Wegmans in the City before Albany? My incredulity is high. My jealousy exceeds it.
  • I was misremembering but I couldn't remember if that Seinfeld episode where Elaine replaces the cake slice from Queen Elizabeth's wedding was a "Wegman's" cake, but its Entenmann.

    They have a case at the end of the aisle.
  • For all of those who looked down on the common Peanut:
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