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Awesome (Summer) Games Done Quick thread



  • Holy crap that batman race was nuts.
  • Coldguy said:

    Holy crap that batman race was nuts.

    Meh. That game is lame-o.
  • Apreche said:

    Coldguy said:

    Holy crap that batman race was nuts.

    Meh. That game is lame-o.
    Game doesn't need to be good for the speedrun to be good and exciting. See example case of Battletoads going on right now.

  • Battletoads is an excellent game.
  • Oh snap son Super Money Maker is going down soon, aka Mario Block.
  • Kaizo Mario Bros 3 was, as expected, insane.
  • Mario maker hype!!
  • At first you think, meh, I don't need to watch this Castlevania (NES) run. I've seen it a zillion times before. Then you see that it's WHIP ONLY.
  • Whip only was fun. I don't think I ever completed that game even with all items and weapons.
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    TIL Castlevania III in Japan had a ridiculous sound chip in the cartridge that the US version did not have.

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  • Are there any rooms that aren't the scariest room in the game?
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    The one room where you can manipulate rng.
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  • Leave it to Saitama to smash a record.
  • Stepmania YES, Keyboard NO
  • Yeah, seeing it was a keyboard run really blew out all my previous excitement. At least we have a Mega Man block coming up.
  • The He-Man karaoke was fun.
  • But just his reading speed is absurd. It shouldn't be possible to read notes that fast.
  • Yeah...But it's not entertaining to watch in the way a player with a dance pad is.
  • Ugh. Backtracked to watch the keyboard stepmania. It's about as fun to watch as popnmusic is...
  • I'd love to stay and watch my boyeee Mega Man, but it's time to leave work.
  • Blast Corps is a game I found frustratingly difficult, and only knew what was later in the game because of a save file on my second hand cart.

    What makes this speed run interesting is that they have one of the original Rare developers on the line from the UK. It's fun to hear the developers thoughts about the glitches and exploits, and about the history of developing one of the very first 3D console games ever.
  • Dangit. I got up too late for SoM 1P2C. Have to YouTube it.
  • I'll youtube SoM this weekend once I catch up on some other crap. ;^)
  • The first five minutes of TASBot plays Brain Age were the best thing of the entire run. Unfortunately it ran about fifteen minutes too long.
  • Today, TASbot taught us 6+6 = cow.
  • Why are they running this boring As fuck Bloodborne garbage in such a premiere time slot? Is it just to let everyone get a pee/food/nap break before Super Metroid HYPE!
  • Wrapping up to FF4! TASBot on Brain Age was pretty impressive too, but that Plague Knight race? Fuck, that might be one of the best races I've seen on AGDQ. Had some real tug-of-war moments going on.
  • So was the brain age run tricking the ds into thinking those drawings were numbers? If so, how?
  • Slowly going through the ones I missed and can agree Brain age wins for most comical.

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